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Men's Gold Jewelry

Men's Gold Jewelry

Our collection of Gold Pendants, Neck Chains & Bracelets for men. Finished using 18K Gold plus anodised stainless steel, dipped multiple times to plate and seal the products for maximum durability. 

Some people prefer a particular metal category to others. They might tend to wear one color jewelry based on their complexion or based on jewelry they received as gifts. On the other hand, they might prefer a different color based on matching their everyday pieces. 

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Angel (Gold)Angel (Gold)
Angel (Gold) Sale price$84.99
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)
CRAFTD Band Ring (Gold)CRAFTD Band Ring (Gold)
CRAFTD Band Ring (Gold) Sale price$50.00
Save 18%
Compass x Crucifix Set (Gold)Compass x Crucifix Set (Gold)
Compass x Crucifix Set (Gold) Sale price$139.99 Regular price$169.99
Vitruvian (Gold)Vitruvian (Gold)
Vitruvian (Gold) Sale price$84.99
St. Christopher Ring (Gold)St. Christopher Ring (Gold)
Arrow (Gold)Arrow (Gold)
Arrow (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Jesus Piece (Gold)Jesus Piece (Gold)
Jesus Piece (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Toggle Chain (Gold)Toggle Chain (Gold)
Toggle Chain (Gold) Sale price$74.99
Toggle Milan Bracelet (Gold)Toggle Milan Bracelet (Gold)
Happiness (Gold)Happiness (Gold)
Happiness (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Snake Chain (Gold) 2mmSnake Chain (Gold) 2mm
Snake Chain (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
Crucifix Earring (Gold)Crucifix Earring (Gold)
Crucifix Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom $34.99
Wing Earring (Gold)Wing Earring (Gold)
Wing Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom $34.99
Save 19%
Crucifix Set (Gold)Crucifix Set (Gold)
Crucifix Set (Gold) Sale priceFrom $104.99 Regular price$129.99
Dagger Earring (Gold)Dagger Earring (Gold)
Dagger Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom $34.99
Snake Bracelet (Gold) 4mmSnake Bracelet (Gold) 4mm
Rope Ring (Gold)Rope Ring (Gold)
Rope Ring (Gold) Sale price$50.00
Rose Earring (Gold)Rose Earring (Gold)
Rose Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom $34.99
Tennis Chain (Gold) 5mmTennis Chain (Gold) 5mm
Compass Earring (Gold)Compass Earring (Gold)
Compass Earring (Gold) Sale priceFrom $34.99
Tennis Bracelet (Gold) 5mmTennis Bracelet (Gold) 5mm
Antique Ring (Gold)Antique Ring (Gold)
Antique Ring (Gold) Sale price$55.00
Iced Cross (Gold)Iced Cross (Gold)
Iced Cross (Gold) Sale price$99.99
Save 11%
Figaro Set (Gold)
Figaro Set (Gold) Sale price$79.99 Regular price$89.99
Save 11%
Wheat Set (Gold)
Wheat Set (Gold) Sale price$79.99 Regular price$89.99
Save 18%
Wing x Cross Set (Gold)
Wing x Cross Set (Gold) Sale price$139.99 Regular price$169.99
Save 15%
Cuban 4mm Set (Gold)
Cuban 4mm Set (Gold) Sale price$109.99 Regular price$129.99
Save 18%
North Star x Crucifix Set (Gold)
North Star x Crucifix Set (Gold) Sale price$139.99 Regular price$169.99
Instincts (Gold)Instincts (Gold)
Instincts (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Save 18%
Tennis Set (Gold)Tennis Set (Gold)
Tennis Set (Gold) Sale price$164.99 Regular price$199.99
Tennis Chain (Gold) 3mmTennis Chain (Gold) 3mm
Half Iced Cuban (Gold) 8mmHalf Iced Cuban (Gold) 8mm
Half Iced Cuban Bracelet (Gold) 8mmHalf Iced Cuban Bracelet (Gold) 8mm
Offensive Bear (Gold)Offensive Bear (Gold)
Offensive Bear (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Lost Soul Ring (Gold)Lost Soul Ring (Gold)
Iced Beaded Real Pearl Bracelet (Gold)Iced Beaded Real Pearl Bracelet (Gold)
Iced Beaded Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)Iced Beaded Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)
Crucifix Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)Crucifix Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)
Pendant Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)Pendant Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)
Iced Smiley Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)Iced Smiley Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)
Iced Smiley Real Pearl Bracelet (Gold)Iced Smiley Real Pearl Bracelet (Gold)
Triumph (Gold)Triumph (Gold)
Triumph (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Cuban (Gold) 2mmCuban (Gold) 2mm
Cuban (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
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