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Men's Gold Necklaces

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Crucifix (Gold)Crucifix (Gold)
Crucifix (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Compass Pendant (Gold)Compass Pendant (Gold)
Compass Pendant (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Connell Chain (Gold) 2mmConnell Chain (Gold) 2mm
Connell Chain (Gold) 2mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Rope (Gold) 3mmRope (Gold) 3mm
Rope (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Cuban (Gold) 8mmCuban (Gold) 8mm
Cuban (Gold) 8mm Sale price$94.99
Cuban (Gold) 4mmCuban (Gold) 4mm
Cuban (Gold) 4mm Sale priceFrom $79.99
Rope (Gold) 5mmRope (Gold) 5mm
Rope (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Wheat (Gold) 3mmWheat (Gold) 3mm
Wheat (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Figaro (Gold) 3mmFigaro (Gold) 3mm
Figaro (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Cuban (Gold) 12mmCuban (Gold) 12mm
Cuban (Gold) 12mm Sale price$109.99
Wing (Gold)Wing (Gold)
Wing (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Wheat (Gold) 5mmWheat (Gold) 5mm
Wheat (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Figaro (Gold) 5mm
Figaro (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Lion (Gold)Lion (Gold)
Lion (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Cross (Gold)Cross (Gold)
Cross (Gold) Sale price$84.99
St. Michael (Gold)St. Michael (Gold)
St. Michael (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Cupid's Revenge (Gold)Cupid's Revenge (Gold)
Cupid's Revenge (Gold) Sale price$84.99
North Star (Gold)North Star (Gold)
North Star (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Angel (Gold)Angel (Gold)
Angel (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Jesus Piece (Gold)Jesus Piece (Gold)
Jesus Piece (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Ankh (Gold)Ankh (Gold)
Ankh (Gold) Sale price$69.99
Rope (Gold) 2mmRope (Gold) 2mm
Rope (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
Vitruvian (Gold)Vitruvian (Gold)
Vitruvian (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Arrow (Gold)Arrow (Gold)
Arrow (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Toggle Chain (Gold)Toggle Chain (Gold)
Toggle Chain (Gold) Sale price$74.99
Snake Chain (Gold) 2mmSnake Chain (Gold) 2mm
Snake Chain (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Gold)
Happiness (Gold)Happiness (Gold)
Happiness (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Tennis Chain (Gold) 5mmTennis Chain (Gold) 5mm
Africa Pendant (Gold)Africa Pendant (Gold)
Africa Pendant (Gold) Sale price$84.99
Iced Cross (Gold)Iced Cross (Gold)
Iced Cross (Gold) Sale price$99.99
Cuban (Gold) 2mmCuban (Gold) 2mm
Cuban (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
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