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Men's Silver Jewelry

Men's Silver Jewelry

Our collection of Solid Silver, Sterling Silver + Stainless Steel Pendants, Neck Chains & Bracelets for men.

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Make Your Own Set (Silver)Make Your Own Set (Silver)
Make Your Own Set (Silver) Sale priceFrom $104.99 Regular price$134.99
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mmConnell Chain (Silver) 2mm
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Cuban (Silver) 4mmCuban (Silver) 4mm
Cuban (Silver) 4mm Sale priceFrom $79.99
Compass Pendant (Silver)Compass Pendant (Silver)
Wheat (Silver) 3mmWheat (Silver) 3mm
Wheat (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Cuban (Silver) 8mmCuban (Silver) 8mm
Cuban (Silver) 8mm Sale price$94.99
Crucifix (Silver)Crucifix (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver) Sale price$39.99
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Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)
Sold Out
Totem Pendant (Silver)Totem Pendant (Silver)
Round Band Ring (Silver) 5mmRound Band Ring (Silver) 5mm
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Anchor Link Bracelet (Silver)Anchor Link Bracelet (Silver)
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Leather Rope Bracelet (Silver)Leather Rope Bracelet (Silver)
Chained Bead Bracelet (Silver)Chained Bead Bracelet (Silver)
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Compass Set (Silver)Compass Set (Silver)
Compass Set (Silver) Sale price$104.99 Regular price$129.99
Rope (Silver) 3mmRope (Silver) 3mm
Rope (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Save 19%
Wing Set (Silver)Wing Set (Silver)
Wing Set (Silver) Sale price$104.99 Regular price$129.99
Cuban (Silver) 12mmCuban (Silver) 12mm
Cuban (Silver) 12mm Sale price$109.99
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mmTennis Chain (Silver) 5mm
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mm Sale price$124.99
Rope (Silver) 5mmRope (Silver) 5mm
Rope (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Cross (Silver)Cross (Silver)
Cross (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mmCuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mm
North Star (Silver)North Star (Silver)
North Star (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Figaro (Silver) 3mmFigaro (Silver) 3mm
Figaro (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver) Sale price$45.00
Save 18%
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver) Sale price$134.99 Regular price$164.99
Arrow (Silver)Arrow (Silver)
Arrow (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Sold Out
Tennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mmTennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Rose (Silver)Rose (Silver)
Rose (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Rope Bracelet (Silver) 5mmRope Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Wheat (Silver) 5mmWheat (Silver) 5mm
Wheat (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Figaro (Silver) 5mmFigaro (Silver) 5mm
Figaro (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Wing (Silver)Wing (Silver)
Wing (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Vitruvian (Silver)Vitruvian (Silver)
Vitruvian (Silver) Sale price$84.99
St. Christopher (Silver)St. Christopher (Silver)
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 4mmCuban Bracelet (Silver) 4mm
CRAFTD Band Ring (Silver)CRAFTD Band Ring (Silver)
Figaro Bracelet (Silver) 5mmFigaro Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Vitruvian Ring (Silver)Vitruvian Ring (Silver)
Vitruvian Ring (Silver) Sale price$55.00
Wheat Bracelet (Silver) 5mmWheat Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Wolf Pendant (Silver)Wolf Pendant (Silver)
Wolf Pendant (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Save 11%
Rope Set (Silver)Rope Set (Silver)
Rope Set (Silver) Sale price$79.99 Regular price$89.99
Lion (Silver)Lion (Silver)
Lion (Silver) Sale price$74.99
Angel (Silver)Angel (Silver)
Angel (Silver) Sale price$84.99
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