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Written March 2022

Made with Real 18 Carat Gold

Our products are finished with REAL 18k gold - this makes it impossible to tell the difference between a CRAFTD & a solid 18k gold piece (and it’s not just looks, our heavyweight jewelry feels the same too!).

Less Expensive Than the Alternative… By a Lot

“You won’t find better quality for the price” - that’s what our customers say. With CRAFTD jewelry, you get all the properties and benefits of solid gold, for a fraction of the cost - $50 is a lot friendlier on the wallet than $5,000.

They'll Look Brand New Forever

Sick of your jewelry looking tired and dull after a few weeks? Whatever you put your pieces through, thanks to the craftsmanship and quality of CRAFTD products, they will never fade, tarnish or change colour - in years to come, they’ll still shine as bright as the day you got them.

Celebrities & Sports Stars are Already Wearing CRAFTD

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is rarely spotted without his custom CRAFTD lion pendant round his neck.

It’s Not Too Good to be True, 1000’s of Five-Star Reviews Prove It

With 1000’s of glowing reviews, it’s clear to see why over half a million people are already wearing CRAFTD.

Risk Free Purchase

Every item is covered by a lifetime guarantee! If there’s any issues with your piece, we’ll repair or replace it - free of charge. With 30 day returns & free shipping, trying CRAFTD is a no-brainer.