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Article: Your Guide On How To Keep Gold Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing (2021)

Your Guide On How To Keep Gold Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing (2021)

Your Guide On How To Keep Gold Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing (2021)

Tarnished jewelry can be a huge disappointment. It’s a letdown to be excited to wear a chain or statement ring with your favorite clothes, only to realize later that your jewelry couldn’t withstand typical wear and tear. 

How can you prevent tarnishing from happening before it begins?

Let’s talk about gold-plated jewelry and how you can keep your collection looking incredible. Then, we’ll show you a few must-have gold pieces of jewelry that can bring your look up a few notches and make high-quality impressions. 

What Is Gold-Plated Jewelry?

When you think of gold, you most likely probably think about pure gold. Within pure gold, different concentrations of gold and alloy metals contribute to a piece of jewelry’s worth and durability.

For example, 14-karat gold maintains 14 parts of gold with ten parts alloy metals. On the other hand, 18-karat gold has 18 parts of pure gold and only six parts alloy metal for hardness. Lastly, 24-karat gold is the softest gold but the most valuable. It has 24 parts of pure gold and nothing else.

Gold-plated jewelry refers to gold that has a durable metal base layer electroplated with a layer of valuable gold. This kind of gold jewelry may be able to last for a long time because of its strength. Still, it’s essential to know the details about your gold-plated pieces to understand if they are high-quality. 

How To Know if Your Gold-Plated Pieces Are High-Quality

Not all gold-plated jewelry is equal. For example, a piece of gold-plated jewelry that has 10-karat or 14-karat gold may tarnish quickly due to its lower gold composition. On the other hand, 18-karat or 24-karat gold-plated jewelry may last for much longer and look better due to its higher gold content. 

When you’re buying new gold-plated jewelry, going for a higher karat amount is an excellent idea. Doing this can ensure your jewelry is durable and higher in value. 

How To Keep Your Gold-Plated Pieces Looking Great 

When you finally find the gold piece of your dreams, what can you do to make sure it stays looking its best?

Let’s talk about the actions you can take to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when you step out. 

Buy Pieces That Contain High-Quality Gold

One way to ensure your jewelry looks incredible is by purchasing gold-plated jewelry that contains a higher gold concentration. Like we mentioned, a piece of gold-plated jewelry is as valuable as the gold it contains.

Go for 18-karat plated gold to avoid tarnishing and enjoy your favorite chains, rings, pendants, and bracelets for longer.

Store Your Pieces In a Safe Place 

Even the best quality jewelry deserves some TLC. You don’t have to keep them in a vault. But, storing your jewelry well can prevent your favorite jewelry from accumulating dirt and looking dull over time. If needed, make sure to clean your gold jewelry

For the best results, try finding somewhere safe, easy to remember, and dry where you can keep your chains, diamonds, watches, and other killer gold jewelry. Whether it's a jewelry box or a cabinet where you can hang your favorite chains, a designated place can help keep them from losing their luster. 

Buy From a Reputable Jeweler 

When you’re looking for stellar pieces of gold jewelry to add to your rotation, it can be easy to get suckered into purchasing pieces that aren’t worth much. These pieces might seem like a great deal for the price. Unfortunately, many times when it feels too good to be true, it might just be. 

Buy your gold jewelry from a reputable retailer that lists description information about every purchase. Doing this can ensure you have more quality pieces in your collection.

Buy Waterproof Pieces

Water damage is one of the primary ways good-looking jewelry gets tarnished and loses its charm. If you’re looking for ways to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and discoloring, you may want to consider going for waterproof jewelry.

When looking at gold-plated jewelry, choosing pieces that have a unique waterproof coating can help save your jewelry from looking worn and tarnished after water contact.

Nine Killer Pieces of Gold-Plated Jewelry You Can Add To Your Collection 

Gold jewelry can add sophistication to your wardrobe that is unmatched. If you’re looking for gold jewelry to enhance your streetwear and last through your life’s activities, you need a brand of jewelry that can keep up.

Let’s look at our favorite nine pieces of CRAFTD jewelry that can last you for years:

1. The CRAFTD Skull Pendant 

Are you the type of person who likes to express your uniqueness with your jewelry? Maybe you’ve been looking for elements to add to your look to contribute a more carefree, rebel vibe.

Our CRAFTD Skull Pendant is an epic piece of jewelry that can add edge and personality to your other chains and statement pieces. Wear it with your favorite weekend fit and sneakers to turn heads. 

2. The CRAFTD Connell Chain 

Some people prefer timeless historic styles to newer trends. If you like cool, sophisticated jewelry that adds subtle value to your clothing, a Connell chain might be the winning piece for you.

In 18-karat plated gold, our CRAFTD Connell chain is one you can wear again and again to make your fits look classic. It’s a go-to piece that will last. 

3. The CRAFTD Tennis Bracelet 

This piece of jewelry gained a new name in the 1980s after one historic tennis match. When you’re looking to add a gold piece of jewelry and display some ice at the same time, there’s no better option than a classic tennis bracelet.

Our CRAFTD tennis bracelet is an ideal addition to your typical jewelry or to save for special occasions. 

4. The CRAFTD Rope Chain 

When you’re searching for everyday pieces you can throw on to enhance your look, a rope chain is an excellent option.

This twisting piece adds rugged texture to your jewelry while not calling too much attention. Our CRAFTD Rope Chain is barely there, but it can add a lot to your typical jeans and t-shirt. It looks even better paired with other more minimalist chains. 

5. The CRAFTD Cali Ring 

Are you the kind of person who prefers statement pieces to more understated jewelry? When you’re searching for gold jewelry that can catch people’s eyes, our CRAFTD Cali ring is one to have in your collection.

This ring features a bold black square face surrounded by an 18-karat gold-plated band. Wear it alone or pair it with another ring on the same hand for an even bolder look. 

6. The CRAFTD North Star Pendant 

Pendants are a unique type of jewelry. While most pieces contribute to your look in a purely stylistic way, pendants can also communicate who you are. Perhaps you’re the kind of person whose life has been non-conventional.

You’ve followed your own path and blazed your own trail, always led by an inner flame or a north star. Our CRAFTD North Star pendant can be a token that reminds you of the vision that guides you forward to your goals. 

7. The CRAFTD Cuban Bracelet 

The Cuban chain is one of the most timeless designs in men’s jewelry. When you’re looking for gold pieces of jewelry you can slip on every day, there’s almost nothing more appropriate than our CRAFTD Cuban bracelet. Wear it alone for some subtle styling, or pair it with a statement ring for a completed look. 

8. The CRAFTD Lion Pendant 

Lions have a symbolic quality. They’re the leaders of the pack and fiercely protective of those they love. You can represent your inner leader by wearing our CRAFTD Lion Pendant. It looks stunning alone or when paired with other classic CRAFTD chains. 

9. The CRAFTD Vitruvian Man Ring 

The Vitruvian Man is an image that can evoke many thoughts. Da Vinci’s work in this image communicates the idea that humankind isn’t one-dimensional but multi-faceted. 

You’re more than just one thing. When you’re ready to show off your diverse identity, you can slip on Our CRAFTD Vitruvian Man ring for a meaningful piece that looks fresh as hell. 

CRAFTD Gold-Plated Pieces Last

Finding affordable gold jewelry that doesn’t tarnish doesn’t have to be challenging. When you select CRAFTD gold jewelry, you can be sure you’re getting the most durable gold rings, chains, bracelets, and earrings with the most value.

We make your favorite gold CRAFTD pieces to last. 



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