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Article: What Is the Wedding Ring Finger?

What Is the Wedding Ring Finger?

What Is the Wedding Ring Finger?

Sometimes, traditions can go unnoticed and blindly accepted for centuries. However, you might recall the first time you remember noticing married people wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. Perhaps you wondered why everyone chose that particular hand and finger to represent their marital status and marital bond.

You don't have to go on wondering. By looking at the history of this symbolism, you can learn about the original meaning and folklore behind some jewelry customs. 

The Symbolism Behind Each Finger 

The wedding band and engagement ring link back to Early Romans. They believed the ring finger of the RIGHT HAND was connected to the vein of love. This vein was called the Vena Amoris.

There is some belief that the Romans wore their wedding rings on the left-hand ring finger. Historians continue to discuss.

Fun fact: If you are in Russia, Spain, or Norway, you may see some wedding rings on the ring hand. In Turkey, Brazil, Syria, and Lebanon, the wedding ring moves from the right hand to the left hand after the wedding. 

Going back even further, historians speculate that ancient Egyptians wore wedding bands to symbolize their love after a wedding ceremony.

Ultimately, there's a wealth of symbolism behind the hand and finger you choose to wear your rings. Knowing the tradition and meaning behind each finger can give you a greater appreciation for jewelry history. Brides and grooms don't need to be the only people to sport rings.

Whether you are wearing a diamond engagement ring, promise ring, or wedding ring, you don't need to walk down the aisle on a wedding day to have a great reason to rock classic jewelry. 

The Meaning of Thumb Jewelry 

Although the thumb doesn’t have widespread meaning behind it, some believe it represents self-assertion and willpower. It’s a great place to wear a statement ring, and you may prefer to wear rings on this finger for how much more practical it can feel.

The Symbolism of the Pointer Finger

When a person wears a ring on their pointer finger, that can be a symbol of authority and self-esteem on the right hand. On the left hand, wearing a ring on the index finger can indicate your relationship with the leadership around you, according to palmistry.

What Middle Finger Jewelry Means 

Your middle finger might represent one thing to you. However, when thinking about the symbolism from another angle, this finger represents responsibility. Some also link this finger to justice and balance. 

How Ring Finger Jewelry Has Meaning

As you may know, the ring finger often relates to marital status in Western culture. Centuries ago, the Egyptians believed the left ring finger had a vein that ran to the heart.

This belief led to the ring finger’s association with love and devotion. They didn't have diamond rings, however. Instead, their rings were likely made of bone, reeds, or leather. 

We have the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to thank for the diamond ring trend when he gave one to Mary of Burgundy.

Pinky Finger Symbolism 

Years ago, wearing two rings on the left hand meant that a man was married. This custom was more common in the 19th and 20th centuries.

On the right hand, wearing a ring on the pinky finger can indicate professional status. In some professional fields, graduates from a difficult educational program may boast a ring on their pinky finger to represent their hard work.

How To Incorporate Meaning into Your Jewelry 

As we've discussed, the finger you wear your rings on can hold some symbolism according to some traditions. If you're someone who appreciates deeper meaning, you might be looking for ways that you can add even more meaning and depth to your jewelry.

We've got a few ideas for how you can make your favorite kinds of jewelry even more personal to you. 

Choose Pieces That Hold Traditional Value 

One way to add value to your jewelry stash is by choosing pieces that have historical or traditional significance.

For example, you might want to draw on your cultural roots by selecting a statement ring with designs specific to your heritage

Alternatively, you might select a ring that represents your family's religion. By selecting design elements unique to your heritage, you can feel more deeply connected with your ancestry and family's traditions. 

Select Jewelry That Tells Your Story 

We all go through moments that shape us. Think back on your story for a moment. As you recall past experiences and milestones, you may realize specific themes arising. You might see themes such as resilience, determination, or hope radiating through your story.

When choosing jewelry that has sentimental qualities, you might want to select statement pieces that represent these things. 

Wear Pieces That Reflect Your Beliefs 

You can make your jewelry personal by incorporating words or designs that portray your beliefs. Let's say your faith is something meaningful to you. You’ve always enjoyed discussing your beliefs with your family and loved ones.

In that case, you can choose to wear a Hamsa pendant to reflect your roots and spiritual priorities, even in your jewelry. 

Choose Jewelry That Reminds You of Your Goals 

Another way to level up your jewelry is by selecting pieces that can serve as a reminder to you. Represent your essence by choosing rings and other jewelry that symbolize your goals and purpose.

One piece of jewelry that can remind you to honor all sides of yourself is the Vitruvian Man ring. This piece of jewelry draws on a design from Da Vinci, and it posits the thought that humankind is multifaceted and always more than one thing. 

Statement Rings To Wear on Each Finger 

If you're ready to try wearing more rings, you should know the styles you choose are up to your preference. You can opt for minimalistic, understated bands to complement your jewelry or attention-grabbing statement rings to make your fit stand out from the crowd.

If you need some guidance for bulking up your ring collection, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got five suggestions for you to help load your ring collection with high-quality pieces.

1. The CRAFTD Band Ring 

Perhaps you enjoy playing things safe with jewelry. There’s nothing wrong with preferring timeless simplicity in the modern era.

When you’d like to add a new classic band to your jewelry rotation, try out our CRAFTD Band Ring. It’s a reliable accessory when worn alone or paired with other statement rings.

2. The CRAFTD Signet Ring 

You can remind yourself of your self-confidence with this piece of jewelry. The Signet design was originally meant for the ruling class as a way to authenticate documents with a seal.

You can wear a signet ring as a reminder that you have the final say in your life. Choose silver or gold for an accessory that’s as historical as it is classy.

3. The CRAFTD St. Christopher Band

If you’re someone who enjoys prioritizing a rich spiritual tradition, you may like having our CRAFTD St. Christopher band in your collection. 

St. Christopher is a figure from the Catholic church. He’s the patron saint of travelers, so this piece is perfect for you if you live an on-the-go lifestyle. Wear it because it looks terrific or to remind yourself that good travels come your way.

4. The CRAFTD Crown Ring

Sometimes statement rings can be a personal reminder. When you want a ring that reminds you of your inner self-assurance, you can’t go wrong with a CRAFTD Crown ring. In gold or silver, this piece of jewelry reminds you and others that you rule your life with confidence.

5. The CRAFTD Band 2.0 Ring 

There’s nothing wrong with having several options for the jewelry styles you like. If you’re into minimal rings, try adding the CRAFTD Band and Band 2.0 rings into your rotation. You can wear one on each hand if you feel like trying something new. Having both around may come in handy.

How Do You Know Your Jewelry Is Reliable? 

When you imagine the jewelry you used to wear, you might remember a few unsavory experiences with jewelry. Perhaps you realized a ring you purchased wasn’t as high in quality as you had thought. Maybe the jewelry you’ve bought recently still proves to have inferior quality.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for concerning high-quality jewelry, let us introduce ourselves. At CRAFTD, we’re committed to offering you pieces that don’t lose their quality like other brands.

Our pieces contain high-quality 18-karat plated gold and premium 316L stainless steel. Both options allow you to wear your jewelry fearlessly, knowing your pieces won’t discolor or fade.

Another perk to CRAFTD rings, chains, and other jewelry is the durability of our pieces. When you buy CRAFTD jewelry, you can be assured that your pieces are water-proof, sweat-proof, and heat-proof.

Be Your Most Authentic Self in CRAFTD Jewelry 

Once you find CRAFTD statement rings or the everyday essential bands you want to add to your collection, know that you can wear them without worry. Wear your pieces to the beach, the gym, or anywhere the wind takes you. The CRAFTD name means your jewelry is crafted to last for years.



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