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Article: Why every man should own a Sterling Silver Cuban Chain

Man in white t-shirt wearing a Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain

Why every man should own a Sterling Silver Cuban Chain

Every man needs a classic Cuban Link Chain – it's a non-negotiable piece in every jewelry collection. But what sets Sterling Silver apart from any other type of chain?

Man leaning over a classic car whilst wearing a Classic Cuban Link Chain. A sterling Silver Cuban Chain also hangs from the rear view mirror

If you've read any of our past articles, you'll know we're huge advocates for jewelry made from non-precious metals, especially 316L Stainless Steel.

It's durable, affordable, and, when coated in real 18K Gold and Silver, virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. So, you might be thinking this article seems a little contradictory, right? Wrong. Stick with us…

Man in a plain white t-shirt leaning on a car and wearing a Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain

Stainless Steel remains the go-to choice for the everyday man. However, there's something quite special about Sterling Silver that we're willing to make an exception for.

First and foremost, it's the price. Although it's pricier than its stainless steel alternative, it remains one of the most affordable, high-quality materials you can invest in—and well worth the slightly higher cost for all the right reasons.

Close up on man hold his Sterling Silver Cuban Chain in his between his fingers

We wouldn't suggest outfitting your entire jewelry collection in Sterling Silver; that simply isn't practical. Instead, Sterling Silver is all about layering an extra layer of class and individuality into your wardrobe—it’s a premium, understated, and timeless addition for every man's collection.

Close up of man sat in car looking out the window. Hw's wearing a plain white t-shirt and Sterling Silver accessories

Sterling Silver is more than just jewelry—it's a precious metal and a timeless investment. When you choose it, you're opting for something precious and scarce. Because there's always a limited supply of this metal, it adds that extra layer of authenticity and value to your collection. 

Think of it as having something rare that not everyone has. 925 Sterling Silver is for the man who wants to add that extra touch of class and personalisation to his outfit.

Man wearing a Classic Cuban Link Chain whilst sat inside a classic car

Are there any downsides to 925 Sterling Silver?

Well, one reason some people tend to shy away from Sterling Silver is ironically one of its most charming characteristics. As a precious metal, 925 Sterling Silver is more susceptible to wear, tear, and tarnishing over the years. However, it's these exact qualities that contribute to the authenticity and uniqueness of this type of jewelry.

Man and woman sat laughing in inside of a classic car to highlight the authentic and romantic nature of the classic sterling silver jewellery the man is wearing

Sterling Silver jewelry carries your story. As it moves through the world with you, it develops it's own unique patinas and textures that make it unmistakably personal to you. And it’s this reason why 925 Sterling Silver has gone on to become such a popular and timeless gift for men.

Man's hand resting on a car gear stick whilst wearing a Sterling Silver Ring. Woman's hand resting on top of his. You can also see him wearing a Cuban Link Chain from the side mirror of the classic car

Now, if you pair 925 Sterling Silver with a classic and timeless piece of jewelry like the Cuban Link Chain, you’ve got the gift that every man wants. We’ll highlight some of our most sought-after Cubans below, but before we do, let’s explain what's make this such an iconic piece of men's jewelry.

Woman romantically leaning in to kiss gentleman inside his classic car. The man is wearing a Classic Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain

Simply put, the Cuban Chain is one of the most versatile pieces of men’s jewelry on the planet. With various lengths and widths available, it caters to every type of man—from those new to wearing jewelry to those who layer gold chains on the daily.

For gifting inspiration, we'll keep things simple and uncomplicated. Below is the number one most classic, affordable, and versatile type of Sterling Silver Cuban Chain you can buy.

Man in plain black t-shirt wearing a 925 Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain

This 925 Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain is one of the most affordable on the market. Available in 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm, each option offers an understated, low-risk choice that will leave a lasting impact for years to come. Ready to make him smile? Let’s take a closer look… 

Product image and model image of a man wearing an understated 2mm Cuban Link Chain in 925 Sterling Silver

Hallmarked & CRAFTD to last.

This understated Cuban Link Chain is handmade using traditional techniques and CRAFTD from solid 925 sterling silver, ensuring sharper, cleaner-cut Cuban Links and a high-polish finish. Designed for the man who has everything, it adds an extra layer of class and sophistication to any fit—a timeless gift for decades to come. 

Detailed product image of a 4mm Sterling Silver Cuban Chain highlighting it's genuine 925 Hallmark

The 925 Collection: a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Each Cuban Chain in the 925 Collection is thoughtfully presented with a premium leather pouch, gift box, and a lifetime warranty. And, if you're looking to gift him a matching set, you might want to check out the 925 band ring

Close up of man's hand and product shot of a Men's 925 Sterling Silver Band Ring

Now, assuming you're already planning on gifting yourself or someone else, let's quickly discuss the aftercare of your new favourite Cuban Chain. As with all beautiful things, there's always a catch. Or is there...

Does 925 Sterling Silver tarnish? 

Absolutely, but there's no need to panic. Tarnishing is a natural process for this type of precious metal. Now, we could dive into the tedious scientific details explaining why this is (something to do with compounds and sulphates in the air etc), but we won't bore you with those details. There’s plenty of other more generalised bogs for that type of thing. You just want to know if this is avoidable, right? 

Men's 6mm Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain up close product shot

Can I avoid Sterling Silver fading & tarnishing?

Absolutely, but here’s the thing—even natural acids on your skin can contribute to your favourite Sterling Silver jewelry fading over time. So, there's no point worrying about things beyond your control.

However, if tarnishing and fading concern you, worry not. Just give your Sterling Silver Cuban a light polish with a jewelry cloth, and it'll look as fresh as the day you first wore it. Or, if you prefer the authentic and rugged look, leave a bit of tarnish for that touch of authenticity. It's entirely up to you.

Up close lifestyle shot of 925 Sterling Silver ring and cuban link chain

How else can I keep Sterling Silver Looking Brand New? 

Honestly, there's a certain charm in the character that a well-worn piece of Sterling Silver develops. However, it's not to everyone's taste, and if you prefer to keep it in better condition, there are a few extra steps you can take. They're easy, and while you might forget them from time to time, don't stress too much—these aren't essential but can go a long way. 

Man's hand stuck out of car window adjusting his classic cars side mirror. Man is wearing 925 Sterling Silver rings

Firstly, try to store it in a jewelry box to minimise its contact with air humidity. Gift Sets like the one's above from the CRAFTD 925 collection come with a protective leather pouch and box as standard. So, there's no need to spend extra buying one separately. Oh, and don't forget to give it a quick wipe with a jewelry cloth beforehand.

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Gift set showcasing the band ring mentioned throughout this article

Finally, while showers and general exposure to water are fine, be cautious with chlorine. If you're heading to a pool with chlorine, it's best to remove your Sterling Silver pieces, as chlorine can alter their colour.

If swimming with your favourite pieces is non-negotiable, consider an alternative made from 316L stainless steel. Finished in real silver and protected with a rhodium coating, Cuban Chains like this comes with a lifetime warranty too and are also chlorine-resistant. 

And, if you're curious about more things Sterling Silver, check out our other collections and articles linked below.

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