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Men's Gold Chains

Men's Gold Chains

Our Men's Gold Chains feature a carefully curated selection of designs that redefine sophistication. From classic Figaro chains to bold Cuban links, our Men's Gold Chains collection seamlessly combines tradition with a modern edge.

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Connell Chain (Gold) 2mmConnell Chain (Gold) 2mm
Connell Chain (Gold) 2mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Rope (Gold) 3mmRope (Gold) 3mm
Rope (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $49.99
Cuban (Gold) 4mmCuban (Gold) 4mm
Cuban (Gold) 4mm Sale priceFrom $79.99
Cuban (Gold) 8mmCuban (Gold) 8mm
Cuban (Gold) 8mm Sale price$94.99
Rope (Gold) 5mmRope (Gold) 5mm
Rope (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Wheat (Gold) 3mmWheat (Gold) 3mm
Wheat (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Figaro (Gold) 3mmFigaro (Gold) 3mm
Figaro (Gold) 3mm Sale priceFrom $44.99
Cuban (Gold) 12mmCuban (Gold) 12mm
Cuban (Gold) 12mm Sale price$109.99
Wheat (Gold) 5mmWheat (Gold) 5mm
Wheat (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Figaro (Gold) 5mm
Figaro (Gold) 5mm Sale priceFrom $54.99
Rope (Gold) 2mmRope (Gold) 2mm
Rope (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
Snake Chain (Gold) 2mmSnake Chain (Gold) 2mm
Cuban (Gold) 2mmCuban (Gold) 2mm
Cuban (Gold) 2mm Sale price$39.99
Tennis Chain (Gold) 5mmTennis Chain (Gold) 5mm
Cali Chain (Gold) 2mmCali Chain (Gold) 2mm
Round Box Chain (Gold) 2mmRound Box Chain (Gold) 2mm
Tennis Chain (Gold) 3mmTennis Chain (Gold) 3mm
Box Chain (Gold) 2mmBox Chain (Gold) 2mm
Clover Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)Clover Real Pearl Necklace (Gold)
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