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Men's Silver Pendants

Men's Silver Pendants

Timeless and durable, our Men's Silver Pendants are not just accessories but enduring investments in style. Express your individuality with a CRAFTD silver pendant, where tradition meets modernity in the perfect fusion of character and craftsmanship.

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Compass Pendant (Silver)Compass Pendant (Silver)
Compass Pendant (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Crucifix (Silver)Crucifix (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Wing (Silver)Wing (Silver)
Wing (Silver) Sale price$84.99
St. Christopher (Silver)St. Christopher (Silver)
St. Christopher (Silver) Sale price$59.99
North Star (Silver)North Star (Silver)
North Star (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Arrow (Silver)Arrow (Silver)
Arrow (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Lion (Silver)Lion (Silver)
Lion (Silver) Sale price$74.99
Vitruvian (Silver)Vitruvian (Silver)
Vitruvian (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Angel (Silver)Angel (Silver)
Angel (Silver) Sale price$84.99
St. Jude (Silver)St. Jude (Silver)
St. Jude (Silver) Sale price$74.99
St. Michael (Silver)St. Michael (Silver)
St. Michael (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Ankh (Silver)Ankh (Silver)
Ankh (Silver) Sale price$59.99
CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)CRAFTD Signature Pendant (Silver)
Jesus Piece (Silver)Jesus Piece (Silver)
Jesus Piece (Silver) Sale price$74.99
Happiness (Silver)Happiness (Silver)
Happiness (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Iced Cross (Silver)Iced Cross (Silver)
Iced Cross (Silver) Sale price$99.99
Totem Pendant (Silver)Totem Pendant (Silver)
Offensive Bear (Silver)Offensive Bear (Silver)
Offensive Bear (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Instincts (Silver)Instincts (Silver)
Instincts (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Africa Pendant (Silver)Africa Pendant (Silver)
Africa Pendant (Silver) Sale price$84.99
Triumph (Silver)Triumph (Silver)
Triumph (Silver) Sale price$84.99
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