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Article: Is Gold-Plated Real Gold? Everything You Need To Know

Is Gold-Plated Real Gold? Everything You Need To Know

Is Gold-Plated Real Gold? Everything You Need To Know

Are you searching for new pieces of jewelry for a friend or family member? Perhaps you and your boyfriend's anniversary is coming up soon, and you want to surprise him with gold jewelry that fits his style and looks great.

When you're searching for such a special occasion, not every piece of jewelry is suitable. Some gold jewelry can be cheap and unreliable, causing it to disintegrate or lose its brilliant color.

While shopping for the perfect gold jewelry, it's helpful to know about the different kinds of gold. Today, we'll talk about what to look for in gold-plated jewelry and learn about the other pros and cons of gold. Then, we'll explore CRAFTD jewelry to find the pieces you can wear to enhance your style. 

What Does Gold-Plated Mean? 

If you're not familiar with the variations of gold jewelry, the term gold-plated might be foreign to you. However, this kind of jewelry has more to offer than you might think.

Gold-plated jewelry refers to the process used to make a particular piece of jewelry. Rather than a piece consisting of solid gold, a gold-plated piece incorporates a base layer of durable metal electroplated with gold on the surface. This process allows the jewelry to contain real gold that looks stunning while keeping it strong and affordable. 

The Pros and Cons of Different Kinds of Gold 

As you search for the best statement ring or chain bracelet to give your boyfriend on your anniversary, you may want to learn about a few different kinds of gold to help you make your selection.

Here are a few pros and cons of each popular style of gold jewelry: 

  • Gold-plated: One con of gold-plated jewelry is that it doesn't contain as much gold as pure gold. On the other hand, how artisans craft this kind of jewelry makes it appear just as stunning as concentrated gold at a more attractive price point.
  • Gold vermeil: Gold vermeil features a base metal of sterling silver plated with a thin layer of gold. This style is similar to gold-plated jewelry, yet it features a different base metal. One advantage is its lower price point.
  • Gold-filled: Gold-filled jewelry refers to gold that has been bonded to a base layer of metal. One con is that this kind of jewelry can be more expensive than other kinds of gold jewelry. 
  • Solid gold: Many people are attracted to solid gold. Pure gold is universally valuable, making it a preferable option for many. Unfortunately, pure gold tends to be too soft for everyday wear, making it less durable than gold-plated jewelry. It also comes at a price point that may be out of range for many people searching for everyday jewelry.

What Do Karats Mean in Gold Jewelry? 

We've gone over the different types of gold that jewelry artisans use to craft chains, pendants, rings, and other accessories. What about karats? Where do they come into play? 

Essentially, when you choose one of the styles of gold above, the quality and price fluctuate based on the concentration of gold within it. For example, a gold-plated piece of jewelry might contain 24-karat gold or 10-karat gold. Although both articles would be gold-plated, they would not be equal.

Let's go over the value of each karat quantity to learn why you might prefer one choice over another. 

10-Karat Gold 

Have you ever bought a gold-colored ring from a department store or online discount retailer? You may have chosen your selection based on how attractive the price was. When you first wore your ring, you may have realized that the gold quickly lost its color and began to leave green marks on your skin. 

One reason this happens is because of a low gold concentration. 19-karat gold contains 10 parts gold to 14 parts alloy metals like silver, zinc, and palladium. These alloys can weaken your jewelry at such a high concentration.

14-Karat Gold

One of the advantages of a higher alloy concentration is the strength of your jewelry. Although a piece of 14-karat gold jewelry only contains ten parts alloy metals, those metals can make for more durable chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Unfortunately, higher alloy levels can contribute to rusting, tarnishing, and discoloration. 

18-Karat Gold

When you're looking for a piece of gold jewelry that's valuable and durable, you can't do better than 18-karat gold. This kind of gold includes six parts of alloy metals mixed with 18 parts solid gold.

Not only does a higher gold concentration make your piece more valuable, but it can also help your jewelry to retain its attractive shine and color for much longer than 10-karat gold and 18-karat gold could. When you want quality gold jewelry at an affordable price, 18-karat gold jewelry is an ideal option. 

24-Karat Gold 

There's something luxurious about pure gold. This kind of gold contains no alloy metals, making it the most durable of the gold variations. However, because it includes no alloys, it is also more susceptible to scratching over time. If you plan on wearing your gold jewelry daily, 24-karat gold might not be the best option for you. 

What's the Best Gold for Everyday Jewelry? 

Have you ever had a trademark clothing article or a pair of tennis shoes? It can be fun to have an element to your attire that's recognizable and endearing. 

Wearing a piece of jewelry every day as a trademark might be something that feels right to you. However, if you're going to wear your jewelry every day, you'll want to make sure it can withstand the wear.

Go for 18-karat gold-plated jewelry for your everyday pieces. This gold option is the most affordable while offering you the most sturdiness and value in your jewelry. 

Four 18-Karat Gold-Plated Pieces of Jewelry To Adopt This Year

Now that we've learned about the varying kinds and qualities of gold, you might be ready to search for the pieces that you can give to your partner on your upcoming anniversary. On the other hand, you might be looking for attractive new pieces you can add to your collection to keep your apparel looking fresh-to-death.

1. The CRAFTD Cherub Pendant 

How's your pendant collection looking? When you're looking for ways to add personality to your look, you might want to consider trying a pendant layered with other chains.

Our CRAFTD Cherub pendant in gold is an excellent place to start. Wear this piece out with your favorite hoodie and sneakers for a look that's effortlessly fresh.

2. The CRAFTD Figaro Chain

Stocking your chain collection full of essential chains can ensure you have something to complete your look every day of the week. When you want a chain that has a unique design, our CRAFTD Figaro chain is one to consider. Wear this piece with another slim chain for an elevated look, or pair it with a bulky chain for a bolder appearance. 

3. The CRAFTD St. Christopher Ring

When you're rounding out your gold collection, don't forget to throw in a few rings. Simple rings can subtly enhance your everyday apparel, but statement rings can add expression and eye-catching designs to your attire.

When you're ready to add a gold statement ring to your relaxed fits, our Saint Christopher ring is an incredible choice. 

4. The CRAFTD Rose Earring

Incorporating new gold elements into your jewelry collection can be exciting. In the case of searching for a gift for someone else, sometimes getting them something memorable is better than something commonplace. 

When you're finishing up your partner's anniversary gift, consider adding a gold CRAFTD Rose earring to their present. It's a gift they'll love wearing that can remind them of your thoughtfulness. 

What's Unique About Wearing Gold? 

Did you know that wearing different colors can represent several ideas and values on a subconscious level? When you wear gold jewelry, the same principle applies.

Here's what to know about the meaning behind the color gold:

  • Gold symbolizes enlightenment and wealth. When you wear this color, others may also feel a sense of positivity and warmth from you.
  • It looks incredible with warm skin tones. Because gold is a warm-toned metal, it compliments other warm skin colors well. 
  • It's a perfect go-to metal for many clothing articles. Try wearing earth tones or neutrals with your gold jewelry.

Feel Confident In Your Gold Jewelry

After you've learned about gold-plated jewelry and which kind of gold is best comes the exciting part – enhancing your jewelry collection. When you choose 18-karat gold-plated chains, pendants, and bracelets from CRAFTD, you can be confident they'll look incredible with every wear. 



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