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Make Your Own Set (Silver)Make Your Own Set (Silver)
Make Your Own Set (Silver) Sale priceFrom $ 1,841.00
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mmConnell Chain (Silver) 2mm
Connell Chain (Silver) 2mm Sale priceFrom $ 877.00
Cuban (Silver) 4mmCuban (Silver) 4mm
Cuban (Silver) 4mm Sale priceFrom $ 1,403.00
Compass Pendant (Silver)Compass Pendant (Silver)
Compass Pendant (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Wheat (Silver) 3mmWheat (Silver) 3mm
Wheat (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $ 789.00
Sold Out
Cuban (Silver) 8mmCuban (Silver) 8mm
Cuban (Silver) 8mm Sale price$ 1,666.00
Crucifix (Silver)Crucifix (Silver)
Crucifix (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Sold Out
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver)
Classic Cuff 3mm (Silver) Sale price$ 702.00
Sold Out
Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver)
Classic Cuff 5mm (Silver) Sale price$ 789.00
Sold Out
Totem Pendant (Silver)Totem Pendant (Silver)
Totem Pendant (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Sold Out
Round Band Ring (Silver)Round Band Ring (Silver)
Round Band Ring (Silver) Sale price$ 789.00
Sold Out
Leather Rope Bracelet (Silver)Leather Rope Bracelet (Silver)
Chained Bead Bracelet (Silver)Chained Bead Bracelet (Silver)
Compass Set (Silver)Compass Set (Silver)
Compass Set (Silver) Sale price$ 1,841.00
Rope (Silver) 3mmRope (Silver) 3mm
Rope (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $ 877.00
Wing Set (Silver)Wing Set (Silver)
Wing Set (Silver) Sale price$ 1,841.00
Sold Out
Cuban (Silver) 12mmCuban (Silver) 12mm
Cuban (Silver) 12mm Sale price$ 1,929.00
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mmTennis Chain (Silver) 5mm
Tennis Chain (Silver) 5mm Sale price$ 2,192.00
Rope (Silver) 5mmRope (Silver) 5mm
Rope (Silver) 5mm Sale priceFrom $ 964.00
Cross (Silver)Cross (Silver)
Cross (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mmCuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mm
Cuban Bracelet (Silver) 8mm Sale price$ 1,227.00
North Star (Silver)North Star (Silver)
North Star (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Figaro (Silver) 3mmFigaro (Silver) 3mm
Figaro (Silver) 3mm Sale priceFrom $ 789.00
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)Band 2.0 Ring (Silver)
Band 2.0 Ring (Silver) Sale price$ 789.00
Sold Out
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)Cuban 8mm Set (Silver)
Cuban 8mm Set (Silver) Sale price$ 2,367.00
Arrow (Silver)Arrow (Silver)
Arrow (Silver) Sale price$ 1,490.00
Tennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mmTennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mm
Tennis Bracelet (Silver) 5mm Sale price$ 1,315.00
Sold Out
Rose (Silver)Rose (Silver)
Rose (Silver) Sale price$ 1,315.00
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