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Rhyolite Stone Bracelet (Gold)

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Effortless style is good manners. 

CRAFTD for individuality, every semi-precious Rhyolite stone displays its own unique markings, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Enhanced with 18K gold beads, its relaxed aesthetic becomes the ideal companion for those essential laid-back days. 

Qualities: Mental Clarity

✓ Semi-Precious Rhyolite Stone
✓ 18K Gold & 316L Stainless Steel  
✓ Water, Heat, Sweat Resistant

Model is 5'11 & Wears Size 19cm.

We tested our chains in extreme situations and how did they hold up?

We tested our chains in extreme situations and how did they hold up?

With Craftd chains, strength isn't just a feature, it's a promise. Crafted from premium materials, they can take a pull-up challenge or a car drive-over and still look fresh. They're the indestructible partner for your thrill-chasing lifestyle.

Surviving workouts and showers? Check. Perfect for an outdoors and active lifestyle? Absolutely. Wear it every day without worries? You bet.

Florian M.
“These Craftd chains are legit! I've been sporting mine for months now, and it's still in mint condition. Quality is top-notch. I've put this thing through its paces - gym workouts, showers and even a few pulls, and it's held up like a champ.”

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