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Article: Gold Cross: 4 Popular Gold Crosses For Men Today

Gold Cross: 4 Popular Gold Crosses For Men Today

Gold Cross: 4 Popular Gold Crosses For Men Today

For some people, fashion is an ever-changing space where they can experiment with new silhouettes, accessories, pants, sneakers, and jewelry. They may fully embrace a trend one season to completely abandon it the next.

For others, fashion is a reminder that classic pieces can last through years of trend cycles. They cling to iconic, tried-and-true elements in their clothing and jewelry to look dapper no matter the season. 

The good news is that both types of people can enjoy cross jewelry. The cross theme is iconic enough to never go out of style and versatile enough to blend with new trends.

Today, we’re going to discuss everything cross jewelry and how to wear it with other gold CRAFTD jewelry. Then, we'll show you our favorite cross jewelry you can wear to upgrade your necklaces and other accessories.

Why Did Cross Jewelry Become Popular

If you took a walk at your local supermarket or mall, you could probably spot more than one person wearing cross jewelry. When did this theme first come into fashion? 

When it comes to cross jewelry, you can note Tertullian as someone who had a hand in the beginnings of the popularity of this jewelry. In the second century, he remarked that Christians should display a symbol of their faith for all to see. 

You've probably caught on that not all people who wear cross jewelry are religious. Over hundreds of years, gold cross jewelry has become an iconic symbol that can transcend religious themes. 

Now, it represents more than spirituality. Though it's a picture of the crucifixion of Christ, you can wear it to pay homage to what's important to you: leadership, sacrifice, and dedication to your mission.

Ways To Wear Gold Cross Jewelry 

If you want to wear cross jewelry, you might wonder where to begin. Should you go full-fledged or keep it simple?

Discover a few simple ways you can start to incorporate crosses into your gold jewelry: 


How's your earring collection looking? If you're someone who enjoys keeping things minimal, you might consider branching out with a cross motif in your earrings. Try wearing one hanging cross earring on one of your ears. If you want a more symmetrical look, wearing them on both ears can give you even more edge. 

Pendant Necklace 

Another way you can incorporate gold cross jewelry is in your necklaces. Do you find that your chains are starting to look bland with your outfits?

Pendants might be the answer. You can add some excitement by wearing cross pendants coordinated with your favorite chains. Go for a simple cross or a crucifix. Either will look incredible.

Accented With Ice 

You can't go wrong with adding some ice to your looks. Maybe you've worn cross jewelry before, and you're looking for ways to spice up your jewelry. You can make your jewelry more interesting by adding some ice. Sparkling stones on your chains or pendants can elevate any jewelry ensemble.

Four Popular Gold Crosses for Men

Are you ready to add gold cross jewelry to your collection? Let's look at four incredible pieces of gold cross jewelry for men. You can start slow or add several pieces to your collection at once. 

The CRAFTD Crucifix Pendant 

As we mentioned, crosses are an iconic symbol in jewelry history. One variation on the cross symbol is the crucifix which displays Jesus Christ on a cross with a thorn of crowns. This pendant can be symbolic for you if you're religious, or you can find value in what this image represents if you're not. 

The crucifix is also a popular element in hip-hop fashion. Wear it among other chains for a more coordinated look, or you can wear it alone to keep things simple. If you're ready to try this style, our CRAFTD Crucifix necklace in gold is a terrific place to start. 

The CRAFTD Cross Pendant 

If crucifixes aren't your scene, you can go for the original cross design. Our CRAFTD Cross pendant is ideal for people who like to keep things minimal and draw on iconic styles simultaneously. 

Wear it alone, or you can pair it with chains if you're feeling brave. In 18-karat gold or silver, this piece will always be iconic. 

The CRAFTD Iced Cross Necklace 

If we weren't clear on this before, iced jewelry is how to take your look to the next level. When you want to make a bold impression, there's no better way than with classic chains paired with iced accents to make you look dapper and put-together. 

At CRAFTD, we're stoked to introduce our ICED collection to you. Start off your iced jewelry collection by wearing a CRAFTD Iced Cross necklace in your choice of silver or gold. It's a piece you can wear for years with confidence. 

The CRAFTD Crucifix Earring 

Perhaps you're not into pendants (yet). If that's the case, you might want another option for how to incorporate crosses into your jewelry. 

If you're someone who enjoys wearing earrings, you can try on our CRAFTD Crucifix earring. Wear one alone for a more subdued look, or try wearing both for a bolder appearance. 

How To Style Cross Jewelry 

Have you ever purchased a new piece of jewelry only to wonder later how you can actually style it? Perhaps some pieces of jewelry have remained dormant in your collection for years because of this. Styling cross jewelry doesn't have to be a challenge.

Check out a few ways you can wear crosses with your other favorite jewelry:

Coordinate with Your Favorite CRAFTD Chains 

Let's say you're trying a CRAFTD Cross Pendant for the first time. You might not like the way it looks alone and hope to coordinate it with other pieces. If that's the case, try mixing in a few classic CRAFTD chains. A mid-sized Cuban chain and a small Connell Chain might do the trick. The combination of these necklaces can bring your fit up a notch. 

Choose a Chain Bracelet to Enhance Your Look 

If you've got your chains figured out, you might be curious about what to do with the rest of your jewelry. If your hands and wrists feel bare, consider adding a chain bracelet to enhance your look. Wearing a classic CRAFTD Figaro bracelet is the perfect option for adding some excitement to your accessories. 

Include Some Ice 

Do you want more jewelry that makes an impression? When you're ready to wow people with your jewelry, try adding some ice to your look. Whether you opt for an ICED tennis bracelet or chain is up to you. By including this in your look, you'll be the first thing people notice in the room. 

Try Coordinating with an Earring 

Perhaps you've got a cross pendant in your collection that you love wearing. You may be starting to venture out into new styles to coordinate your jewelry. When you're ready to go a bit bolder, try adding a CRAFTD earring to your jewelry ensemble.  

The Best Ways to Care for Gold Jewelry 

Once you've bought the gold cross jewelry that excites you, you may want to know how to care for it.

Let's look at a few tips for keeping your gold jewelry in top condition. 

1. Know Where Your Pieces Are 

Are you the sort of person who leaves jewelry lying around? If you want your gold chains and earrings to continue looking incredible, try keeping them in one clean spot. 

2. Store Gold Pieces Neatly 

When you're getting ready to store your jewelry, consider your options. Rather than tossing pieces into one container, try using jewelry storage that helps you sort out your articles and keep them neatly. That’s why we send all of our CRAFTD jewelry in a luxurious black jewelry bag so that each piece can look as good as the day it arrives on your doorstep.

3. Wash Them for Ultimate Shine 

Things happen sometimes. Your chains and other jewelry may start to accrue dirt or dust. If that happens, you might consider soaking them with dish soap in a bowl for thirty minutes. It's an easy way to keep your favorite pieces looking incredible and ready to wear at a moment's notice. 

Don't Be Afraid to Wear CRAFTD Chains 

Although it's a great idea to know how you can prolong your jewelry's wear, know that your CRAFTD chains can handle your life. At CRAFTD, we use high-quality materials to make jewelry you can wear freely. You can wear your CRAFTD jewelry with confidence, knowing it will always look incredible. 



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