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Article: Popular Jewelry Styles

Popular Jewelry Styles

Popular Jewelry Styles

We all feel somewhat unsure from time to time about the clothes, shoes, and accessories we wear. What was fashionable five years ago may be taboo today, and it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Though it might be challenging to learn what new styles are currently popular, you can view these current trends as an opportunity to push your style to the next level.

Popular Styles Throughout History 

Before exploring the popular jewelry styles of this modern era, let's take a look at the past. Like fashion, jewelry styles are cyclical. Certain pieces will always be timeless, while others are rebirthed every ten to twenty years or so. Learning the history of jewelry can help you appreciate your current pieces more, too. Let's walk through a few trends in past periods and compare them to popular pieces today. 

Jewelry for Ancient Egyptians

In Egyptian culture, people often wore an impressive gold neck wrap as part of their attire. Though it may have been for reasons other than strictly fun reasons, they layered beads and wore amulets, too. Often, their jewelry styles were motivated by bringing good luck to those who wore a piece. They were also the first to exchange rings as a symbol of love and devotion. Many styles we wear today without thinking twice have origins in ancient Egyptian culture. 

Jewelry for Renaissance Men 

When you think of men wearing elaborate jewelry, gender stereotypes might come to mind. You might be thinking that men shouldn't wear lavish jewelry items because jewelry is inherently feminine. Men in the 1700s didn't seem to think so. They freely wore layer after layer of gold chains to display their status in society. There was no discussion of masculine versus feminine when it came to men wearing bold jewelry.

The Chains of the Early 1900s 

Early on, chains were functional in nature. They were displayed on suits as pocket-watch accessories to help tell time more efficiently. Over time, these chains started to get longer and more decorative as suits became less fitted. The purpose of chains became less about function and more about style.

Jewelry Styles in the Back Half of the 1900s 

After chains saw their debut in men's fashion in the 1930s and 1940s, musical icons began to wear jewelry in a way people hadn't seen before. Layered pendant necklaces in rock music became popular in the 50s, and in the 90s, chunky chain necklaces began to be an everyday jewelry staple. Hip hop Culture introduced the Jesus piece along with excessive amounts of bling. 

Modern Popular Men's Jewelry Styles 

When thinking about popular modern jewelry styles, it's essential to recall the roots of different styles. As we explore rings, pendants, and chains, think of the earlier men and women who pioneered these jewelry pieces so that we could enjoy them today. Let's look at a few of the most popular modern styles and how you can incorporate them into your style.

Statement Rings 

Rings are no longer limited to wedding rings and school class rings. These days, bold statement rings have become a well-loved style. Some statement rings incorporate modern designs, while others draw inspiration from past jewelry styles like the signet ring. Bulky, attention-grabbing ring silhouettes are welcomed enthusiastically in today's western culture.

Multiple Rings on Each Hand 

The size of the ring isn't all that matters in this day and age. In this decade, men are delighting in wearing multiple rings on each hand. Of course, the rule of thumb is not to overdo it by creating a visually overwhelming combination of rings. However, both men and women enjoy wearing several rings on each hand for added personality today.

Layered Chains

This style draws inspiration from the men of the Renaissance era and hip-hop culture. Layered necklaces are back in style. Today, it's a common sight to notice a person wearing around two-to-three necklaces, creating an abundance of texture in their outfit. These chains can be slim and timeless or impressive oversized statement chains, but the layered look remains. 

Bulky Chains 

In addition to wearing multiple necklaces, people today are getting bolder in the thickness of their jewelry. Around once every decade, there's a resurgence of statement necklaces and oversized jewelry. In this time period, that trend has fallen on chain jewelry. This trend has resulted in edgier fashion looks becoming much more mainstream. 

Chain and Pendant Combination

Another well-loved style that's gaining popularity is the chain and pendant combination. There's something about an impressive, detailed pendant that looks magnificent when paired with a sleek chain. Pendants also provide the wearer with the ability to express their interest through their jewelry more than ever. 

Nose Rings 

Have you noticed that nose rings are more popular for men in this era? No, not the tiny studs. Men are enjoying nose ring hoops as a way to express their style more permanently in their jewelry. It's a low-risk piercing that's easily recognizable and classic. 

Dangling Earrings

One trend that has resurfaced from the 1980s is dangling earrings on men. In some cases, men are even fashioning their hairstyles after 1980s mullets along with their earrings. In other cases, the one earring look is marked by edgy street style and accompanied by nail polish. The moral of the story is that men today feel freer than ever to express themselves through jewelry.

Where to Find High-Quality Jewelry that's In Style 

Do you want to keep in step with recent jewelry trends? There's no pressure to go out and get a nose piercing or wear an oversized chain right away. You can stay current in your jewelry styles in a way that suits your personality. Let's look at where you can find high-quality pieces to help you build a relevant jewelry collection.

Well-Loved CRAFTD Jewelry Pieces 

CRAFTD features current styles of high-quality jewelry that are well-loved by men and women alike in this decade. Every piece is made with either 18K gold or premium 316L stainless steel so that you can have the best quality for an affordable price. Our pieces won't tarnish, discolor, or break, meaning you can invest in timeless pieces you can wear through changing trends. Let's explore styles of CRAFTD jewelry that are popular recently.

Compass Pendant 

One piece of CRAFTD jewelry that's gained traction is the CRAFTD Compass pendant in gold or silver. It's a meaningful piece of jewelry that can symbolize your journey and be a personal reminder of your inner truth as a guiding force. When paired with another chain, this pendant becomes completely captivating.

Cuban Chain 

If you're looking for chain silhouettes that you can wear on your next casual outing, try out a CRAFTD Cuban chain. You can decide how slim or bold you want to go since we offer this piece in multiple widths. Wear this chain alone, or pair it with a pendant that expresses your values.

Vitruvian Man Ring

Designed based on the iconic creation by Leonardo Da Vinci, this ring represents humankind's complexity. This statement ring can be a conversation starter and a personal reminder of your capabilities in life. There are many elements to you, and your CRAFTD Vitruvian Man Ring is a symbol of that. 

Snake Chain 

Are you more interested in popular pieces of jewelry that will remain timeless through the years? A CRAFTD Snake chain is a perfect choice if you're looking for a classic chain that will look great through many different trends. Wear one alone for a sleek, straightforward look, or pair one with a matching snake bracelet to tie your look together. 

Rose Pendant 

One more piece of CRAFTD jewelry people love today is our Rose Pendant. It's a shining example of how men can appreciate and integrate traditionally feminine symbols into their jewelry while still looking strong. This piece looks fantastic alone or paired with another stunning CRAFTD chain. 

CRAFTD's Trending Page Tool 

As you browse through today's most popular jewelry styles, we want to be a resource for you. The CRAFTD trending page on our website is the perfect place to stay updated on the jewelry pieces that others love wearing. There, you can find stylish pieces to start your jewelry collection, or you can gain inspiration for updating your pieces. 

In Conclusion 

Updating yourself on the latest styles can be an exciting task. You never know what chains, pendants, rings, and earrings might become your next favorites. As you update your jewelry collection with relevant designs, remember to buy pieces that will last long enough to come back in style in thirty years. When you choose CRAFTD quality jewelry, you'll be able to enjoy your pieces for decades to come.



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