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Article: How to Style a Men's Pearl Necklace

Man in an open collar black cuban shirt styling with two sets of mens pearl necklaces

How to Style a Men's Pearl Necklace

Once considered a solo statement piece, the men's pearl necklace has evolved into something more. In the blink of an eye, it's become just as common in men's jewelry as chains, bracelets, and rings. However, this surge in popularity has happened rapidly, leaving many guys wondering how to pull off the look. 

With a number of disruptive and new styles available on the market, it can be daunting to know where to begin with styling them. If you're scratching your head about where to start, you're in the right place. Here, we'll show you everything you need to effortlessly include a pearl necklace in your daily rotation, complete with plenty of visual imagery and combinations for inspiration. Oh, and if any styles catch your eye simply tap or click the image to explore in more detail. Let's dive in… 

Man in a black t-shirt wearing a real freshwater pearl necklace along side other men's silver jewellery

While pearls are often associated with a summer aesthetic, complementing beach and poolside vibes perfectly, don't be fooled into thinking they're exclusively for warmer months. In reality, men's pearls can be effortlessly layered year-round for any occasion. However, if you're specifically seeking summer styling options, you'll find plenty of inspiration here.

Now, a standalone men's pearl necklace is timeless, suitable for anyone with minimal room for error. So, let’s skip over that part. But for those who prefer to start small, let's begin with a simple, stripped-back look to ease into the versatility of pearls.

So, how do you wear a men's pearl necklace?

Men sat down on a seat with a close up shot of him wearing two sets of men's freshwater pearls

Layer two pearl necklaces

One of the simplest looks to achieve is by layering a secondary set of pearls. The key here is to ensure your initial set is clean and classic. From there, you can either double up with the same style or choose a set that incorporates gold or silver touches for added depth. 

Close up of a deep charcoal coloured t-shirt with a pair of contrasting white set of men's freshwater pearl necklaces

Displayed above is the rounded real pearl necklace paired with a silver linked set. Whether you opt to wear these underneath or over your t-shirt is entirely your choice—no rules here. However, when donning a bold neutral tee such as charcoal, it would be criminal not to show off the striking contrast of the white pearl necklace against it, and boost the overall impact of your fit.

Add in a pendant pearl necklace

Man in a peach coloured shirt wearing two sets of men's ICED freshwater pearl necklaces

This time, we've introduced the 18K Gold ICED Smiley as our secondary pearl necklace—a more unique and exclusive men's pearl style. With a classic pearl necklace as our base, swapping out the secondary necklace becomes effortless and easily interchangeable. Additionally, it highlights the option to choose between gold or silver for your preferred metal colour.

Here, the open-collar shirt provides the ideal canvas for layering, while the bold colours from the shirt perfectly complement the warmer tones of the gold accessories on the pearls. Those addition of the ICED stones will catch the light, elevating creating a more attention-grabbing aesthetic.

Layer your favourite Gold and Silver Chains

Man wearing a light blue open collar cuban shirt wearing multiple pearl necklaces and silver chains

Brands like CRAFTD offer exclusive designs that go beyond your everyday styles. The best part? Their pearls feature both 18K Gold and Silver hardware, allowing you to mix and match with your favourite jewelry. In other words, they’ll make your existing collection work even harder for you.

Here, you can see how effortlessly we've layered in a silver chain to add depth to this fit. All of the men’s pearl necklaces in their collection come with adjustable clasps and lengths, allowing you to customise the layers to suit your preferences. Achieving a well-balanced and cohesive look like below is easily attainable.

Man wearing a cuban collar shirt wearing silver chains and men's freshwater pearls

Here is where you can effortlessly add or subtract styles to mix up your outfit with ease. In this example, we've swapped out our classic pearl necklace and instead used the silver smiley pearl necklace as our base. A clean and impactful look can be achieved by staggered layers of two thinner silver chains at slightly different lengths. Here, we've opted for a 4mm cuban chain, followed by a 3mm rope chain.

Man wearing a deep green coloured shirt and lighter coloured silver men's jewellery

Man wearing silver jewellery and accessories with a contrasting deep green overshirt

This is the perfect choice for guys who want to make a statement while keeping things clean, easy, and uncomplicated. When wearing a bold, statement-making colour item of clothing like this deep green overshirt, silver jewellery is a much lighter option to wear.

Add a men's pendant necklace

Man in a white vest top wearing a pearl necklace and two silver pendants

Alright, let's say you're leaning towards the layered look, but the bolder, statement pearls aren't quite your style. No problem! The example above is an excellent starting point. Here, we've opted for a men's classic pearl necklace as our base. However, instead of layering with more pearls, we've chosen something you probably already have plenty of: silver pendants. If you don't have any in your collection yet, it might be worth grabbing a couple of options.

Man in a plain white casual vest wearing silver jewellery and real rounded freshwater pearls for men

In this setup, we've styled a classic cross pendant alongside the best-selling St. Jude pendant. This combination offers you the impact of your pearl necklace while adding the personality and meaning that comes with wearing your favourite pendants. The varied lengths means neither style needs to compete for attention, and the entire look can be finished off with any over shirt of choice in your wardrobe.

Add a men's signet ring (or two) 

Man in black coloured clothing wearing all kinds of men's silver accessories including chains, rings, bracelets and pearls

Here's where you can infuse more of your personal flair by incorporating your favourite pieces from your existing collection—whether it's bold signet rings or understated minimalist jewelry, the choice is all yours. Get playful, unleash your creativity, and trust your instincts; if it feels right, it most likely is.

While some may try to impose strict rules on men’s jewelry, the reality is far more liberating. Take, for instance, the age-old rule that says 'never wear gold and silver together'. Well, as you'll see from the statement fit below, that rule is simply outdated.

Up close shot of mans wearing a silver watch, chain, pearls and rings

In this look, silver jewelry takes centre stage, accentuated by bold hints of gold seamlessly woven throughout. Our base features a timeless rounded pearl necklace paired with a sleek 2mm Cuban chain, both perfectly balanced in length. Building upon this foundation, we've introduced two staggered pendants, including the Silver and Gold Jesus piece, effortlessly mirroring the luxurious gold accents of the matching Rolex watch. But, this concept works both ways...

Man wearing a white shirt with all kinds of different 18K Gold Jewellery including rings, bracelets, chains and pearls

Here’s the same watch now styled with gold as our primary choice of men’s jewelry. Take a look at how a single men’s silver band ring is styled on the watch's wrist, seamlessly tying together the mix of metals. Another noticeable difference here is the choice of outfit. A lighter-coloured shirt is worn to create contrast against the rich tones of the gold jewellery. Additionally, given the more summery vibe of this outfit, we've opted for a bolder choice of colored pearls—the forest green real pearl necklace.

Man wearing an open collar white shirt with contrasting forrest green coloured men's pearls

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