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Article: Why a Men's Pearl Necklace is a Must Have for Summer

Man holding a men's Pearl Necklace and dipping it in water

Why a Men's Pearl Necklace is a Must Have for Summer

Light, fresh, and bold as heck, the men's pearl necklace is an absolute summer essential. Gone are the days of doubting whether you can pull off the look—men's pearl necklaces have seamlessly integrated into men’s jewelry collections, standing proudly alongside chains, bracelets, and rings. They're no longer reserved for a select few; with a multitude of styles available, there's something to suit every taste.

Whether you prefer a simple, pared-back aesthetic or crave a statement-making layered look, pearls offer endless versatility. If you haven’t yet added a set of men’s pearls to your collection, fear not—you’re bound to discover your essential set right here. Let’s explore some of the most sought-after styles and effortlessly achievable summer looks. If anything catches your eye, simply tap the image to delve into more detail.

Men's Colored Pearl Necklaces

These exclusive editions are drenched with shades of jade, blue, and marble, ready to cut through the noise and add a touch of color for the summer season. These pearl necklaces will sit quite comfortably as a statement piece and are unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. But be warned: they’re not often in stock.

Forest Green Men's Pearl Necklace

Man in a black t-shirt wearing a mens pearl necklace with forrest green coloured pearlsAll of these men's pearl necklaces are completed with an adjustable-length lobster clasp in either gold or silver. This versatility allows you to mix, match, and layer these pearls with your favorite gold and silver chains. As well as cobalt blue and forest green, they also come in a mixed-tone ocean beaded necklace.

Cobalt Blue Men's Pearl Necklace

Man wearing a black t-shirt and layering a mens pearl necklace with cobalt blue coloured pearls

Mixed Tone Ocean Beaded Necklace

Image of a mixed colored mens pearl necklace

Check out one of our favorite summer looks below featuring the Forest Green Pearl Necklace. Notice how the style of the pearls is reflected in the choice of bracelet. The beaded design of the Chrome Ball Gold Bracelet and Gold Mosaic Bracelet effortlessly complements the style of the pearls. Additionally, the addition of sleek gold band rings and a touch of gold on the statement shades truly pulls this look together.

But what gives this look such confidence are the subtle details. If you look closely, you can also spot the same pattern details echoed in both the rings and bracelet. It's all about the attention to detail.

Man in a summer shirt and outfit wearing a mens pearl necklace and other gold necklaces and rings

Men's Pearl Necklace with Pendants

Men's Pendant Pearls are perfectly suited for sea, sun, and sand, boasting complete water, heat, and sweat-proof qualities. If you're contemplating a set of men's pearls, chances are you're already a seasoned enthusiast in the world of men's jewelry, probably with a few Men's Pendants in your daily rotation.

This is exactly where integrating a pearl necklace with a pendant can elevate your collection to new heights. Here, you don't have to pick between the two. These pieces effortlessly enable you to layer your favorite Gold and Silver Pendants into your fit.

Man holding a set of mens pearl necklaces under the water to show they are durable

Consider the Crucifix Real Pearl Necklace as an example. This piece combines one of the best-selling men's pendants of all time with a fresh set of all-natural pearls, resulting in one of the most sought-after sets of men's pearls available.

While you may initially believe these pearls are striking enough to stand alone, you'd be mistaken. Not only can they be paired with the Crucifix Pendant, but the 18K Gold details also enable you to layer them with any Gold Necklaces of your choice.

Product shot of mens crucifix pendant necklace and a set of mens pendant pearls

If you're aiming to attract a bit more attention, take a look at the Pendant Real Pearl Necklace. This necklace merges both the wing pendant and the rose pendant, creating a truly versatile and statement piece. How you choose to wear it is entirely up to you, but it tends to look best either on its own or paired with a multitude of statement jewelry pieces—there's no in-between.

Mens real pendant pearl necklace

To show how you can style these pieces for summer, let's delve into the layered look below. Deciding on the length and positioning of your pearls is entirely up to you. However, as a general guideline, keeping both pearl necklaces at the same or similar length usually results in a clean and purposeful appearance. In this outfit, the relaxed shirt serves as the ideal canvas to showcase the additional Iced Beaded Real Pearl Necklace.

This is where the fun begins. Men's Pearl Necklaces open up a world of creative possibilities for your style. Before you realize it, you'll be stacking rings, layering bracelets, and experimenting with various accessories—it becomes almost addictive. It's not just about what you wear anymore; it's about how you wear it.

As your confidence grows, you'll appreciate how pearls effortlessly enhance your look, making the styling process feel like second nature. Check out this statement look below:
Man wearing multiple types of mens gold pearl necklace with other matching gold accessories
No statement look like this is truly complete without some bold statement rings. Here, we've got a whole stack to choose from, but there's more to these choices than meets the eye.

Let's kick things off with the Minimalist Jewelry—they're essential for rounding out any ring stack. Take a moment to appreciate the clean lines of the flat band ring, and notice how the intricate patterns on the rope band ring perfectly complement the choice of matching bracelet.

From here, it's all about making a statement with stacking, and what better choice for a statement ring than a men's signet ring? Just take a look at the St. Christopher Signet Ring—it sits proudly, adding a bold touch to the ensemble.
Man wearing a gold signet ring 


When it comes to summer style, keep it simple: fewer clothes, more layers of jewelry. With plenty of men's pearls to choose from, summer is the perfect time to embrace bold pieces, have fun mixing and matching, and expand your collection. Before we wrap up, check out these other popular articles for more easy styling tips around Men's Pearl Necklaces:

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