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Article: Top 7 Popular Types of Chain Necklaces for Men

Top 7 Popular Types of Chain Necklaces for Men

Top 7 Popular Types of Chain Necklaces for Men

Do you remember the first time you saw a man who looked utterly sophisticated wearing jewelry? Maybe you know someone who has an exceptional eye for style, and you've always envied their natural ability to accessorize. Do you want to know the truth? You have every ounce of ability that they do to pull off the chains you've been dying to try. 

History of Chains in Men's Jewelry 

Chains have been a well-loved piece of men's jewelry for over a century. Originally, they were simple suit accessories that added a bit of class to a gentleman's pocket watch. Over time, these chains became both more elaborate and more commonly seen. In the sixties and seventies, they were symbols of self-expression. Neck chains had become a popular accessory to add intrigue to a man's clothing by the 1990s.

Ways to Wear Chains 

Many people want to try out new jewelry or clothing styles, but they don't know where to start. It's easy to get in your head wondering if a particular chain will look good on you. We have every confidence that you have what it takes to try out a new chain. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Spice Up Your Loungewear 

Are you living with a significant other? Maybe early in the relationship, you felt compelled to dress your best around her. Over time, you've become more comfortable being the real you in front of her. That's not a bad thing. You can add a chain over your typical tee shirt and sweatpants combination to spice up your around-the-house look.

Try Them Out on Date Night 

Do you like going out for fancy dinners and extravagant, romantic dates? You're likely the type who gives 110% to the outings you plan with the one you love. Once you've made your reservations, add one more detail to top the night off – a stunning Connell chain to elevate your look. After all, a perfect night is all in the details. 

Accent Your Street Style 

Even if you're the type to plan out your clothing for your everyday life, there are always ways you can level up. You don't have to wait for the perfect time to try out a new accessory. Try adding a Cuban chain to your streetwear on a typical day. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised about the way you feel wearing it. 

Why You Should Wear Chains 

Chains are an iconic piece of jewelry that every man should try out at least once. You can wear striking, bold Figaro chains or an understated, simple rope chain. There's truly a chain style for everybody. Check out these seven chain styles for men that you can try on date night, on vacation, or around the house.

Seven Chain Necklaces for Men That Will Look Incredible on You 

You could easily spend hours searching for the right chains to incorporate into your wardrobe. You don't have to go searching high and low to find the perfect pieces for you. We've compiled a list of our favorites to show you the chains you'll love wearing most. Choose one to try today or make a set to start bulking up your jewelry collection. 

1. Cuban Chain 

We'll start with a style that fits the bold and brave. Our twelve-millimeter Cuban Chain is a terrific way to announce your presence in the room. Why settle for monotonous, overdone styles when you can shock the room with your confidence? Try wearing it alone, or you can pair it with a smaller chain for added dimension. 

2. Rope Chain

Perhaps you're already into chains, and you're searching for more exciting designs to wear. Our CRAFTD five-millimeter Rope Chain adds texture to your outfit with minimal effort. This chain features several twisted strands that wrap around one another, forming an even larger twist. Despite this intricate design, it's a go-to piece when you want to wear a chain with your typical weekday streetwear. 

3. Connell Chain 

Finally, if you're looking for new chain styles to fortify your jewelry collection, this style is a classic. Our two-millimeter Connell Chain is as refined and subtle as it gets. Choose one in gold or silver for a chain you can wear with anything. You can wear it alone or pair it with an additional Connell Chain of a varying length. 

4. Figaro Chain

Here's another chain for those who love taking risks. Our five-millimeter Figaro Chain may offer a slim profile, but its design is immediately captivating. This chain displays a pattern of three tiny links joined by one elongated link. It's an incredible way to add character to your style. You can wear it alone or pair it with a thin Wheat chain for a contrasting combination.

5. Snake Chain 

A snake chain might be one of the most classic chain styles. Do you enjoy understated, sophisticated fashions? You may not be the type to enjoy bold statement pieces in your jewelry. Our two-millimeter CRAFTD Snake Chain in 18K gold or premium 316L stainless steel is a great piece to wear every day. Don't be surprised when people tell you how casually cool you look.  

6. Wheat Chain 

Do you like jewelry that's minimal and intricate? Our five-millimeter CRAFTD Wheat Chain might be perfect for you. It's named after wheat for a reason. Each piece of this chain links together to create a chain resembling a stalk of wheat when you look closely. Try one out alone, or pair it with a pendant for an exciting variation. 

7. Belcher Chain 

Here's a chain you may be less familiar with. Our CRAFTD two-millimeter Belcher Chain has a delicate profile that you can wear every day to add a subtle accent to your outfit. It's named after the boxer Jim Belcher, giving this small chain an edgy history. Throw it on with your date night attire for a suave, simple vibe. 

How to Style Your Chains With Other Jewelry 

Perhaps you've been wearing chains for a long time, but you want to get more intentional about coordinating your jewelry to create a curated look. We have a few ideas for you. You can combine your favorite chains with pendants, bracelets, and rings to create a more robust look. Let's check out a few ways you can elevate your jewelry game. 


Pendants are one of the best complementary accessories for chains. If you enjoy wearing jewelry that's rich with symbolism, you'll love our CRAFTD pendants, too. These statement pieces provide an avenue for you to express your values and accent your chains. Try out one of our CRAFTD pendant and chain sets or test your creativity and make your own. 


If you prefer to match your jewelry, wearing a bracelet is one of the best options for you. Let's say you decided to try out a rope chain, and you're digging the way its design elevates your clothing. You can pair your Rope Chain with a Rope Bracelet to create more continuity in your fit. Wear them together or with different outfits to divide and conquer.


Rings are one of the best pieces of jewelry that can express your style to the world. You can wear classic rings like our CRAFTD St. Christopher ring to pay respect to history's leaders or keep it simple with our minimalist statement CRAFTD Avia ring. Play around with wearing multiple rings on each hand for an even bolder style.

Where to Get the Best Men's Chain Necklaces 

There's no reason you should settle for subpar jewelry and unfair prices. CRAFTD's chains are built to last you years without tarnishing, breaking our discoloring. Our materials won't leave you disappointed. Try out CRAFTD chains you can trust to endure for years.

Stay in-the-Loop With CRAFTD's Trending Page 

After browsing our favorite popular men's chains, you might wish to stay informed on other popular jewelry. We've put together a CRAFTD trending page for your benefit. Check it as often as you like to gain inspiration as you plan your outfits or reinvent your personal style. 

To Sum it Up 

Whether you've been wearing chains for years or you're just getting started, there's always room for growth and new experiences. In your search, you might have seen a chain style you wouldn't usually try, but we encourage you to consider all possibilities. You're free to take the risk on that Cuban chain you've been eyeing. Whatever your style, when you choose CRAFTD chains, you're getting chains that will last you for years, so you can wear your favorites relentlessly. 



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