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Article: What Is Platinum and What Makes it Unique?

What Is Platinum and What Makes it Unique?

What Is Platinum and What Makes it Unique?

Perhaps you've recently started to get into jewelry for the first time. Wearing jewelry is an exciting way to add personality and visual excellence to your style. As you're getting more familiar with different jewelry elements, you may have noticed that there are several metal variations that jewelers tend to offer.

You're likely familiar with gold and silver, but did you know multiple other metals are suitable for jewelry? Among those are white gold, yellow gold, and copper, to name a few. 

Today, we're not going to go into every kind of metal used for jewelry. We do think it's a great idea to look at one metal in particular to understand its uniqueness. Then, we'll talk about where you can get silver metal jewelry that fits your style and budget. 

Platinum as a Property

Before we can talk about platinum as a jewelry metal, we need to look at platinum as a property. This metal is more than just material for jewelry. It's most well-known for its place on the periodic table of elements. Platinum, as a chemical element, has the atomic number 78.

It's part of a group of metals in the middle of the periodic chart known as transition metals. This metal is referred to as a "noble metal" for its ability to resist tarnishing and corrosion. It's soft and malleable with a high melting point. 

In fact, it only dissolves in hydrochloric acids and nitric when these are mixed together (this mixture is called hot aqua regia). 

Some of its common uses besides jewelry include electrical contacts and sparking points. It's also a common material for catalytic converters, pacemakers, magnets, and even drugs. 

A platinum setting in engagement rings is a smart buy. A platinum ring is strong; for example, pure gold can't be used in wedding rings because 24 karat gold is too soft. Therefore, gold jewelry is often mixed with an alloy. 

Four Interesting Facts 

We'll look at platinum as a jewelry material in just a minute. Before we do, here are five interesting facts about this durable metal that make it a wonder to behold.

  1. A cylindrical portion of platinum is one of the international standard elements used in measuring a kilogram. In the 1800s, forty platinum cylinders were distributed around the world to maintain accuracy in kilogram measurement.
  2. Some objects that contain platinum date back to around 700 B.C.
  3. London, England, is the world center for platinum trading, with Zurich, Switzerland, close behind.
  4. Platinum gained its popularity for use in jewelry, but soon after that, this element became more well-known for industrial use or medical use
  5. It can take up to six months to produce one pure ounce of platinum.

Platinum as a Jewelry Material 

This white metal is fascinating. It's a force of nature, to say the least, making it a highly durable material for jewelry. Appreciating this metal's use in fashion starts with checking out the history of its use. Let's see how people through the centuries have used platinum in their accessories. 

The History of Platinum Jewelry 

Early metalsmiths weren't entirely sure what to do with platinum. They shaped the tiny particles of this metal with compressive blows to make wearable jewelry. Metalsmiths also found it challenging to work with until they discovered that natural platinum could contain parts of six platinum group metals.

Platinum was first brought to Europe by traveling Spaniards who were voyaging through Colombia and Peru—Platinum was originally mined by Native Americans. The Spaniards called this metal "Platina del Pinto."

Scientists eventually discovered how to isolate pure platinum from this aggregate, making it more easily usable for jewelry making. 

Today, platinum is found everywhere, from the Ural Mountains in Russia to Ontario, Canada. In South Africa, there is the highest deposit of platinum in the world. In South Africa, platinum is often found with copper and nickel. 

The Edwardian Era 

In the 1880s, silver was the leading metal that people desired for their jewelry. Since jewelers could manufacture silver more quickly than platinum, platinum held a low demand, despite silver's tendency to tarnish more and was generally a less durable metal. 

Then, one major jeweler introduced platinum in a luxury jewelry line. This introduction launched platinum as a premium material for fine jewelry. At first, jewelers typically laid platinum over gold to add value, but soon, jewelers would begin to craft jewelry using only platinum.

The Art Deco Era 

As art deco styles began to invade fashion, platinum took off as a hit. Brooches and jewelry with filigree detail were in high demand, and jewelers used platinum for these premiere pieces.

People began regarding platinum for its strength, sheen, and durability—all reasons people still enjoy platinum jewelry today. If you're looking for hypoallergenic metals, platinum is the best bet for you if you have allergic reactions to other metals.

The Best Affordable Silver Jewelry 

Where do you fit into jewelry history? As you're beginning to stock your collection with high-quality pieces, you'll want to find jewelry that's long-lasting and affordable. If platinum is out of your budget, don't worry.

We've got some ideas for how you can bulk up your collection of necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings with pieces that are classic and bold. Let's explore some of the incredible stainless steel options available to you.

Modern CRAFTD Stainless Steel Jewelry To Enhance Your Wardrobe 

Here are our favorite silver-colored jewelry pieces that can transform your wardrobe. 

The CRAFTD Wing Pendant 

When you're building your necklace selection, consider including a few pieces that represent your personality and beliefs. Pendants provide you an excellent avenue for self-expression with their symbolic details.

Our Wing Pendant is no exception. This necklace displays a little silver angel wing hanging from a classic rope chain. Angels are famously symbolic for their protection and guidance. We designed our CRAFTD angel wing pendant to remind you of the supernatural forces that guide you on your journey to help you achieve more and go further. 

The CRAFTD Vitruvian Man Ring

You're more than just one thing. Perhaps you're a dad, musician, fitness enthusiast, and recent amateur chef. Da Vinci knew this. His Vitruvian Man design sought to capture the ever-evolving essence of humankind. 

Our Vitruvian Man Ring is a solid statement ring that can add a bold touch to any look. It features Da Vinci's design on its face to remind you of your complex nature. In stainless steel, it will look incredible with your other cool-toned jewelry, too.

The CRAFTD Cuban Chain 

Perhaps you're all set on statement pieces. How is your classic chain collection coming along? You might already have a few slender chains to make layered sets. Consider adding a more heavyweight chain into your rotation for a subtle eye-catching effect.

The Cuban Chain is one of the most well-known chain styles you could wear. Our CRAFTD Cuban Chain in a four-millimeter size is small enough to be subtle but noticeable enough to add value to your fit. 

The CRAFTD Figaro Bracelet 

Maybe you've been thinking about adding a bracelet to your everyday jewelry lineup. You can select a piece that's timeless and sophisticated to enhance your apparel. 

Try our CRAFTD Figaro Bracelet. Its links form a mesmerizing pattern to contribute texture and class to your work attire or first date fit. 

The CRAFTD Dagger Earring 

Some people enjoy being cautious when it comes to wearing jewelry for the first time. But what if that's not who you are? If you lean towards taking risks and outspokenness, you can feel free to experiment with bolder styles right away.

Consider wearing a single earring with your favorite chains. Our CRAFTD Dagger Earring is a perfect choice. The detailed dagger hanging from your ear is a detail that can contribute a ton of personality to what you wear. 

The CRAFTD Lion Pendant

Want to communicate who you are to the world before you open your mouth? Your clothes and jewelry can announce your character as soon as you walk through any door. 

Let's say you want to remind the world and yourself of your fearless, confident energy. You can sport a CRAFTD Lion Pendant in stainless steel. It's a killer way to compliment your favorite weekend attire while remaining authentic to who you are. 

The CRAFTD Figaro Chain

As you look for the jewelry you can start wearing to upgrade your style, try to remember to invest in both trendy and timeless pieces. One timeless chain you can wear alone or layer with others is our Figaro Chain. This piece displays patterned links that can contribute intricate detail to otherwise typical chains. 

Wear it in a three-millimeter size for a minimal look. Alternatively, you can go for a larger size for a bolder effect. 

How CRAFTD Offers Incredible Value

We began our discussion today by talking about platinum and its unique properties. While it's a top-tier choice for creating strong jewelry, the downside to platinum is its price. Jewelry made with all platinum can be costly, making it hard for you to build your collection.

What if you could have silver-toned jewelry that's strong and looks incredible? We give every piece of CRAFTD jewelry the #CRAFTDToLast treatment. Our silver jewelry features premium 316L Stainless Steel with genuine Rhodium plating, a valuable metal in the platinum family. We anodize and seal every piece to have a stunning finish and unbeatable durability. 

Precious Metal 

Platinum is a world-renowned material that makes for stunning jewelry. We think you'll find that our CRAFTD jewelry is stunning, too. Each stainless steel piece we craft is guaranteed never to rust or tarnish so that it can stay with you for years. You can build a silver jewelry collection with complete confidence in your pieces with CRAFTD.



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