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Article: Buying Jewelry for Men: A Complete Guide

Buying Jewelry for Men: A Complete Guide

Buying Jewelry for Men: A Complete Guide

Your boyfriend's birthday is in three months, and you've been racking your brain to find the best gift ideas. How do you express your affection for the guy who's been with you through it all? We think jewelry is the ideal answer. With this gift, you can show him how well you know his style while helping him round out his collection. 

Or perhaps you're shopping for yourself, and you don't know where to begin. We think you're more than capable of finding the quality jewelry pieces that fit your vibe. Let's find out how you can choose high-caliber jewelry pieces with ease. 

Tips For Buying Jewelry For Men 

Jewelry is deeply personal for some, while for others, it's merely for decoration. As you search for high quality jewelry for the modern man, it's a good idea to keep a few guiding ideas in mind.

Consider the Occasion 

If it's your man's birthday, you might opt for a more fun, expressive earring or statement ring. You could choose something he's been eyeing but didn't want to buy for himself. If the occasion is more significant, you could decide to give him a pendant that can hold personal value and meaning in its design. Choosing jewelry that fits the upcoming holiday, anniversary, or birthday is always a smart move. 

Think About His Usual Style

While it may seem obvious, your boyfriend or lifelong pal probably wants a piece of jewelry he can wear comfortably with the rest of his clothing and accessories. You may want to steer the ship more toward your style preferences, but one way to show your loved one how much you admire him is by supporting the fashion and jewelry he enjoys. Consider what clothing he gravitates toward most often and choose the pieces that complement it well. 

Men's Accessories: What Does He Already Have? 

This might go without saying, but one way to buy a good gift is to ensure you're not buying a duplicate of something. Additionally, knowing the contents of your guy's current jewelry collection can aid you in selecting pieces that will match the others well. He'll be happy you know him well enough to choose something that fits seamlessly with his current apparel. 

Who Does He Admire? 

If you're shopping for yourself, do you have a particular style icon that you look up to? Maybe you've always talked about Johnny Depp's edgy, individualistic style. Perhaps you've marveled that Morgan Freeman's double yellow gold hoops are iconic. Support your interests with a purchase that mirrors that of your fashion inspirations.

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Men's Jewelry 

Now that you have a few guiding tips in mind, it's time to explore jewelry. We're happy to show you the essential CRAFTD pieces we think every man should try. We hope you find a piece that fits your mate's taste while expanding his collection.

Here are our must-have CRAFTD pieces to guide you in choosing a great gift:

Chains Are Always Classic and Attractive 

This might be our favorite tip yet. You can't go wrong with chains. If you're shopping for yourself or for a man you love, remember that chains are a must-have in the world of men. Whether he wears them individually or layered with other types of chains, they'll look phenomenal every damn time.

Here are some of our best chains

The Connell Chain is every man's chain. Our CRAFTD Connell Chain features delicate links joined together to form an everyday piece that looks good day and night. Feel free to customize the length – our Connell chain is available in 50, 54, and 60 centimeters. Wear this one alone for a minimalist vibe, or pair it with chains and other pendants. 

  • The CRAFTD Cuban Chain: The Cuban chain may be one of the most well-known chains of our time. Its bent links are ever-recognizable, and it packs a serious punch with its classic design. If your boyfriend or mate enjoys bold jewelry, consider giving him an eight-millimeter CRAFTD Cuban Chain. It's a solid piece that commands respect.

Pendants Drip with Self-Expression 

Another great piece for those who love self-expression is the pendant necklace. This necklace-type features a potential for holding personal meaning, unmatched by any other piece. Let's see how adding a pendant to your wardrobe or your boyfriend's collection can be a great choice. 

  • The CRAFTD Crucifix Pendant: Some people hold their faith tradition near their heart. Perhaps that's not your story, though. Still, the crucifix is a historic symbol representing devotion, passion, and leadership. Ours hangs on a micro-Cuban chain and is available in 18-karat gold or 316L stainless steel. Wear it alone or layered with his favorite CRAFTD chains. 

  • The CRAFTD North Star Pendant: At times, life is confusing, frustrating, and it can feel like a maze. Perhaps your guy's story contains a few hard hits that have knocked him off his path. You can give him a CRAFTD North Star Pendant to remind him of the truth that guides him and the constant belief and support you maintain for him. 

Bracelets Are Essential Jewelry Basics 

Is the guy you love more simplistic in his everyday dress? Maybe he's expressed a desire to begin wearing more jewelry, but you know he's not ready to sport earrings or a statement ring yet. You can opt for a tasteful bracelet to help him add visual interest to his outfits with little extra effort. 

  • The Cuban 8mm Bracelet: This bracelet offers a chance for elegance while also demanding to be noticed. Perfect for transitioning to the board room to a night out on the town, this bracelet accommodates all of your adventures. With an easy to maneuver clasp, this bracelet is part of a seamless attitude to daily life. 

  • Rope 5mm Bracelet: Here is a bracelet that adds tremendous class with such a small piece. This intricately woven bracelet sends a nod to a nautical sense of style. The fact that this piece is waterproof and sweatproof and resists tarnishing only speaks to a type of style that endures. This piece is perfect for those looking to mix ruggedness and hidden simplicity into their everyday or formal attire. 

Rings Add Sophistication 

Perhaps you've noticed the man in your life has been wearing a ring recently as a stylistic experiment. Rings provide a visual accent that many love for their placement and visibility. Not every ring is a diamond engagement ring: our mission is to bring you every option. 

You can encourage his new interest by investing in a solid staple ring or statement ring to help expand his collection. Here are a couple of our go-to choices for men's bands

  • The CRAFTD Rope Ring: If you're looking for a men's ring that adds texture and style without drawing too much attention, this is the piece for you. The CRAFTD Rope Ring features a twisted rope surrounded by two raised edges. It's a rugged-looking band, yet it's versatile enough to pair well with any look. If there were ever a staple ring, this one is it. 

  • The CRAFTD Vitruvian Ring: Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Design displays the intricacies of mankind's nature. This piece mirrors the inner complexity that many feel in the human experience.

In 18-karat gold or premium 316L stainless steel, this ring is an epic choice for any guy who's been looking for a solid statement ring. Wear it alone or pair it with another simple band on the same hand for a mosaic look. 

Earrings Speak To Personal Style

You know the man in your life better than anyone. Is he shy or expressive? Does he keep to himself or make his presence known in a crowd? If you're dating a guy who loves to show off his style with unapologetic expression, earrings are an ideal gift choice.

Check out these studs and hoops with pendants:

  • The CRAFTD Dagger Earring: Here's an earring that doesn't play around. Our CRAFTD Dagger ring is fierce. In striking gold or silver, this design is sharp and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. This piece is perfect for the man who enjoys going against the grain. 

  • The CRAFTD Compass Earring: The compass design is one of our favorites at CRAFTD. It's timeless yet rich with meaning. Inside every man's story, many chapters might include detours, dead ends, and unexpected stand-still traffic. The CRAFTD Compass Studs are reminders that our stories aren't over: they're fluid. Give these to the man who needs a reminder that his path is worth following to the end. 

Your Best Bet To Browsing 

You may be searching for the best jewelry finds for your boyfriend or husband, or you may be searching for pieces to expand your own collection. Regardless of your purpose for seeking men's jewelry, it's vital to buy pieces that will endure through many seasons. 

Load up on all the pieces your man needs; with CRAFTD, we have free shipping over $100 to the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and more. 

When you find that perfect chain, you'll want the man you know to be able to wear it his entire life. When you choose high-quality jewelry that's CRAFTD to last, he'll be able to. 



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