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Article: The Ultimate Guide On How To Check If Gold Is Real (2021)

The Ultimate Guide On How To Check If Gold Is Real (2021)

The Ultimate Guide On How To Check If Gold Is Real (2021)

No one likes finding out the jewelry they bought is less reliable than they had imagined. You've probably experienced this before. Perhaps you'd purchased a gold ring that speaks to your personal style and later realized the piece you purchased is inferior quality. It might have started to lose its exterior color or begin to leave green marks on your skin.

What if there was a way to check on whether gold jewelry is real before you buy it? Today, let's talk about the ways you can tell if your jewelry is authentic. Then, we'll show you our favorite pieces of gold jewelry you can add to your collection for everyday wear.

Properties of Gold

When looking at gold jewelry, knowing a bit about gold as an element can help you understand what you're dealing with.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you're looking at purchasing gold jewelry:

  1. By nature, gold is resistant to oxidation. Gold doesn't rust or tarnish, so if it begins to show signs of rust or tarnishing, that's a sign it's not pure gold.
  2. Gold is not magnetic. Unlike iron, nickel, or cobalt, gold does not have high magnetic properties. 
  3. God has a high thermal and electrical conductivity. Because it doesn't tarnish or corrode quickly, it can be instrumental in electronics. 

Gold Purity 

When it comes to understanding gold's worth, knowing about gold purity is paramount. Maybe you've heard a bit about gold karats, but you're not sure what their significance is.

Let's talk about what each karat value means and how gold karats can help you appreciate your gold jewelry. 

  • 8-karat gold: This kind of gold has a 33.3.% gold content, with 66.6% alloy metals.
  • 10-karat gold: This variety of gold contains 41.7% gold content and 58.3% alloy metals. While it doesn't have high gold content, it can be a preferable choice for single-use jewelry or pieces that don't make contact with your skin.
  • 14-karat gold: This kind of gold is fourteen parts gold and ten parts alloy metal. As a result, it features 58.3% gold content with 41.7% alloy. This kind of gold makes good everyday jewelry for pieces you don't mind upkeeping. You may not be able to get them wet because of their alloy composition. 
  • 18-karat gold: This variety of gold is the best option for jewelry when you want pieces that will keep their value and last through different kinds of experiences. It contains 18 parts gold to six parts alloy metal, giving it a high gold composition with enough alloy to make it durable and durable.
  • 24-karat gold: When looking at gold composition, 24-karat gold is the most valuable variety. This kind of gold features 24 parts pure gold with no alloy metals. The drawback to this material is its softness. Pure gold displays scratch more easily than 18-karat gold.

The Best Signs To Tell If Gold is Authentic 

When you want to know if gold is authentic, there are a few tests you can try.

Let's take a look at how you can judge your gold jewelry's value.

Check for a Hallmark 

Like most authentic, valuable jewelry, gold jewelry will display a hallmark. This hallmark will likely display its karat value, reading "18K" or "14K." If you're purchasing a piece of gold jewelry that doesn't contain a hallmark, it may not be as valuable as it claims. 

Do the Magnifying Glass Test 

If you have a magnifying glass lying around your house, it can be valuable to you in understanding a piece of gold jewelry's authenticity. To try the magnifying glass test, look through the lens at the gold piece of jewelry in question.

If you can see signs of discoloration or fading color, you might be dealing with gold that is less valuable than you imagined. Your magnification lens may also aid you in searching for a hallmark, as the previous tip suggests.

Try The Float Test 

Authentic, pure gold won't sink. You can try the float test as a preliminary way to discern whether your gold is real. If you drop your pieces into the water and they sink, you may be dealing with pure gold. If they float, you'll know your ring or other jewelry contains some amount of alloy metals. 

Do the Skin Test

You might have completed this test before without even knowing it. To complete the skin test, try on a gold ring or piece of jewelry that would touch your skin. If your skin begins to turn colors, you'll know the article contains alloy metals. 

What Is the Best Gold for Everyday Jewelry? 

As you're shopping for gold jewelry, you might be wondering what kind of gold to look for in your pieces. As we've mentioned, pure gold can scratch easily due to its softness. When you're looking for gold jewelry you can wear daily, 18-karat plated gold is the best option for the value you get.

Eight Pieces of Gold Jewelry To Add To Your Collection 

Are you in the market for new pieces of gold jewelry? You don't have to go looking all over the place for high-quality jewelry that suits your style. At CRAFTD, our gold jewelry looks stellar with any fit, and it will keep its quality for years.

Let's take a look at the gold CRAFTD pieces you can enjoy today:

1. A CRAFTD Signet Ring 

Think about your ring collection. Is it complete with an iconic signet ring? If you're a ring fanatic, don't skip out on this style. Our CRAFTD Signet Ring features a design full of style and purpose that's been loved for hundreds of years. 

2. A CRAFTD Cuban Chain 

When you need to bulk up your essentials collection, our CRAFTD Cuban chain is an excellent piece to start with. In 18-karat plated gold, this piece of jewelry is an incredible staple piece to have on hand. Wear it alone or pair it with other chains for an easy-going look that never gets old. 

3. A CRAFTD North Star Pendant 

Your jewelry can have meaning. Whenever you want to wear something that has significance, our CRAFTD North Star Pendant is a terrific option. This design can serve as a reminder that wherever you go in life, there's always a bright star guiding you onward toward the life you choose. 

4. A CRAFTD Rose Earring 

Do you want to get in touch with more romantic jewelry elements? When you're looking to add softer details to your look, a CRAFTD Rose earring in 18-karat gold is a fantastic place to start. Wear it with your favorite chains for a coordinated all-gold look that has others turning their heads when you enter the room. 

5. A CRAFTD Snake Bracelet

No jewelry collection is complete without a snake chain or bracelet. If you want to add a piece to your jewelry rotation that's effortlessly cool and easy to wear every day, our CRAFTD Snake bracelet is one to consider. Wear it alone, or pair it with a striking statement ring for an even better look. 

6. A CRAFTD Rope Chain 

If you're searching for dependable gold chains to round out your gold collection, a CRAFTD Rope chain is a perfect piece to have in your possession. This unique piece of jewelry showcases a design that adds texture to your look any day of the week.

7. A CRAFTD Iced Tennis Chain 

When you think your jewelry collection is looking good, ask yourself if you have any ice. Adding iced jewelry to your fits is one way to take your look to the next level. 

When you're trying to find out where to start with iced jewelry, an Iced Tennis Chain is the answer. This piece is bold and simple at the same time, making it a great addition to any night-out look. 

8. A CRAFTD Cherub Pendant 

If you want to add some angelic details to your look, our CRAFTD Cherub pendant offers unique design work that can enhance your look and take your streetwear to the next level. 

A Look That Lasts

At CRAFTD, you don't have to wonder whether your chains will become discolored or lose their shine quickly. We take care to make every piece durable for all your activities. Go ahead and live life on your terms. Your high-quality sweat-proof, heat-proof CRAFTD jewelry can withstand whatever comes your way. 



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